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Lifetime Deal

Get more 5-star reviews with AI reviews based on your customers' real feedback
Spokk Lifetime Deal

Growing a business with hardly any reviews is a real struggle

It’s like trying to win a race with a flat tire.

But what if you could magically inflate the tire and kickstart everything by turning real customer feedback into actual reviews for Google, Facebook, and more?

Imagine rocketing from zero to dozens of reviews in days!

And this tool doesn’t just help you get reviews – it gives you the tools to manage negative feedback and keep those customers happy.

Say hello to Spokk


Manage customer feedback, transforming negative experiences into glowing public reviews to boost your online reputation
Make customers happy by closing the feedback loop & spot growth opportunities
Reward customers for their feedback with automatic, customized coupons and build loyalty
Enhance feedback opportunities by enabling customers to share video or written testimonials directly on suitable platforms, assisted by AI technology.
Best for

Business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, or anyone seeking to boost their online reputation and drive growth through customer feedback and AI-generated reviews.


Workflow of review platforms: Google reviews, Trustpilot, Capterra, G2, Yelp, Facebook, Booking, Tripadvisor

Alternative to

Survey apps like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Typeform, etc. Review management apps like Birdeye, TrueReview, Podium, etc. Customer feedback systems like HappyOrNot, etc. Testimonial apps like Bonjoro.



How others are using it
  • Handle unfavorable feedback and transform it into a positive experience before it escalate and spread widely as negative reviews.
  • Leverage Spokk’s feedback loop to gather valuable insights from your users and identify growth opportunities for your business.
  • Service-based businesses: Use AI to turn their praises into stellar reviews on platforms like Google or Facebook. These reviews will showcase your expertise and help you attract more customers.
  • E-commerce store owners: Collect post-purchase feedback from your customers and use AI to turn their best comments into reviews on Trustpilot or Google so you can boost trust and drive sales.
  • SaaS companies: Utilize AI technology to convert your customers’ positive feedback into impactful reviews on platforms such as G2 or Capterra. Enhance your visibility in a competitive market and draw in more customers through increased quantity and quality of reviews.


Spokk is a customer feedback platform that helps you collect and manage honest feedback about your business, then turn it into compelling reviews.

Imagine getting instant feedback from your customers and then transforming it into compelling reviews!

Spokk takes all that data – the scores, ratings, and even the written comments, and uses AI to craft a unique public review.

This means less manual work for your customers and more reviews for you.

The best part? Your customer can edit the AI-generated review however they like before posting. It’s their authentic voice, powered by Spokk’s smart tech.

Why does this matter? Because 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. Reviews build trust and credibility, which is essential for growing your business.

Once the review is ready, you can prompt the customer to post it on any site you want. Just send them to your preferred review platform with a click of a button and see your review count climb. Easy peasy.

More reviews on the sites that matter most to your business means increased visibility, traffic, and sales. Spokk helps you turn private feedback into public reviews that build your online reputation.

Spokk - AI reviews & gating
Spokk generates AI-written reviews based on customer feedback and lets them edit before posting. It's like magic ✨

Want to know exactly what drives customer satisfaction? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to unlock in-depth insights:

Customize Your Ratings: Ditch generic feedback. Track what matters to you – product quality, ease of use, support…you name it!

And because each attribute uses a 5-star rating scale, you’ll quickly spot areas to celebrate or improve.

Spotlight Your Staff: Customers can rate individual employees too. See who’s a customer service superstar and where there’s room to improve.

Tell the Whole Story: Stars are great, but words are powerful. Customers can share detailed thoughts and experiences in a handy text field.

All these ratings and comments feed into an AI-powered testimonial generator, crafting compelling reviews that showcase what your business does best.

So not only will you understand your customers and employees better, you’ll also have ready-made marketing content at your fingertips. Talk about a win-win.

Spokk feedback overview
Get the Full Picture: Track Customer Happiness and Staff Performance

Tired of one-sided feedback? Spokk lets you turn customer feedback into conversations.

When a customer shares their email on a feedback form, you can seamlessly reply right from Spokk. They will get a notification to continue the conversation on a chat-like page.

This is where you turn feedback into dialogue. Customers can share more, you can dig deeper, and everyone ends up happier.

It’s a complete feedback loop that keeps customers engaged and coming back.

Spokk - Feedback loop
Close the Feedback Loop, Boost Customer Satisfaction

Want more feedback AND more sales? This feature makes it a breeze.

When customers leave feedback, you can automatically or manually send them a coupon code as a thank-you (or as an apology for any less-than-satisfactory experience).

This gives customers an irresistible incentive to provide feedback and testimonials.

It’s a win-win. You get more sales from those discounts, feedback, and reviews to build trust. And your customers get rewarded with discounts on products they already love.

Ready to turbocharge your customer feedback? Set up feedback coupons today and watch your sales and reviews skyrocket.

Spokk - Coupon delivery
Get More Sales & Reviews with Feedback Coupons

Maintaining a consistent stream of sanitized customer feedback and positive reviews, while managing negative feedback, can be quite a challenge.

Spokk simplifies your customer feedback process, helping you gather valuable insights, reviews, and engage with your customers – all while saving you time and sanity.

Elevate your online reputation and enhance your business’s customer satisfaction levels today with Spokk.

Get Lifetime access to Spokk today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to Spokk
  • All future Spokk Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade between 3 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 3 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Export collected contacts
  • Shareable feedback links
  • Feedback attributes
  • Reply to received responses
  • Request for text and video testimonials (video coming soon)
  • AI auto-generated review for every response
  • Send coupon codes (automatically or manually)
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    Lifetime Deal
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    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited feedback links & attributes
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited feedback loop replies
  • Unlimited AI-generated reviews
  • 100 responses/month
  • Sold Out

    License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $99|   $1580 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited feedback links & attributes
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited feedback loop replies
  • Unlimited AI-generated reviews
  • 300 responses/month
  • Sold Out

    License Tier 3
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited feedback links & attributes
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited feedback loop replies
  • Unlimited AI-generated reviews
  • Unlimited responses
  • Sold Out

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    Samesh Wijeweera

    Samesh Wijeweera

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    1. First post from founder
    1. First post from founder

    Hey everyone, 🌟

    I’m Samesh, the founder of Spokk. From when I was young, I was always obsessed with learning, improving, and mastering stuff. After a while, I realized that most of it boils down to the feedback you receive from your target audience. The more data (feedback) you receive, the faster you can identify points of improvement and take action. It’s a beautiful cycle of growth! 🔄

    My journey with Spokk started when I admitted my mom to a reputed hospital in Sri Lanka for routine tests. The experience was dismal; forgotten medicine, long waits, and overall poor service. I am not the kind of person who writes Google reviews because it takes too much time.

    So, if I have a bad or average experience with a business, I usually switch to a competitor. I think this applies to a majority of the population and businesses struggle to understand why they lose customers because they don’t get feedback from their customers. 🏥💔

    Anything below an exceptional customer experience means there is a chance the business would lose that customer. This means, there is always room for improvements and it’s the business’s job to capture feedback from their customers. It’s even more important that the customer has to do the minimum amount of work to give that feedback to the business because, frankly, people are busy. 🚀

    Taking everything into consideration, I decided to build a tool. I wanted to deliver an exceptional experience for both the customer and company. This does not mean adding 100’s of features and making everything as confusing as possible:

    1. To quickly get feedback, Spokk mainly relies on star ratings.
    2. To motivate people to give feedback, you can even send coupons and while doing so, you will be able to expand your contact list as well.
    3. To finish things off, to complete the feedback loop, you can reply to feedback from within Spokk.
    4. To top it all off, a custom AI-generated public review will be generated from the given feedback, assisting customers to easily copy and paste this as their public review (on Google, G2, etc.) ⭐📝

    If you are in the service business and you want to grow your business, you need customer feedback. With satisfied customers, you’ll start getting more 5-star public reviews, helping new customers discover your business. This I believe is what Spokk will do for you. My vision is for Spokk to be the biggest name in the post-purchase customer experience space. This means, Spokk will eventually be at every touchpoint of your customer’s journey. 📈🔍

    I’m excited to launch Spokk’s lifetime deal launch to the SaasZilla community. If you have questions, please post them below and of course, I’m always open for feedback! 💬✨

    Questions & Reviews​

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    11 comments on "Spokk"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. I doubt that you may get end users over here, as most of us are agency owners / marketers. Consider making a plan for agencies!

    2. Can multiple companies add their CNAME here or it just for 1 company on the highest tier Agency to client support? Anyway to have this

      • Hey,

        We planned the LTD for a single company to get customer feedback for their business. So if you have Tier 2 or Tier 3, you’ll be able to add a single CNAME for your company. All customer-facing feedback links will then use this custom domain.

        We are currently not planning on giving agencies access to resell the software, but if we do introduce it in the future, we will surely let you know.

        Let me know if there is anything that I can do. Thanks.

      • Hey Koichi Sato,

        Your dashboard will only be in English but your customer-facing pages such as your feedback links can be converted to Japanese. Your AI review can also be configured to be generated in Japanese.

        I put together a sample link for you to test out. This is for an example hair salon called “Kai’s Hair Salon” in Tokyo.

        Feedback link

        Most components of the feedback link are configurable to your liking.

        Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    3. I just bought t1 and liked it. The response it generated was good, however it made mention of my registed company name which I am not doing business under. I would like to have multiple companies registered in one account for my own purposes or for agency purposes. Use one LLC and Do businesses as several. This is very important for me to keep using this software.

      • Hey Jay,

        That’s great news! We planned the LTD for a single company to get customer feedback for their business. Right now, our top priority is to get feedback from business owners to help us improve Spokk.

        We are currently not planning on giving agencies access to resell the software, but if we do introduce it in the future, we will surely let you know.

        But the feature you mentioned about a user being able to manage multiple companies through the dashboard will be available after we release the immediate backlog of core features. That being said, unfortunately, the SaasZilla LTD only covers a single company.

        If you are open to it, please email me at [email protected] and I can set up a custom plan for you. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!


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