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NewOaks AI

Lifetime Deal

Automate lead capture, appointment booking, and customer support with an AI-powered system that operates on landing pages, widgets, and SMS
NewOaks AI lifetime deal
Starting at $49
2 customer reviews
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

Handling customer inquiries and appointment bookings all by yourself can be overwhelming, affecting your work-life balance and hindering business growth. (Might as well dust off the Ouija board for answers and see what happens.)

You want to maintain a positive online presence by providing excellent customer service, but hiring a full-time human assistant to handle these tasks is costly and challenging.

Imagine if there was a tool that could engage with customers 24/7, resolve inquiries instantly, capture leads, and convert them into appointments.

Meet NewOaks AI


Get a customizable chat that not only engages visitors but also smartly captures leads and helps you convert appointments
Deploy your automated AI assistant in a landing, widget or SMS system
Transform chat conversations into immediate business prospects with a 24/7 AI assistant that can be effortlessly trained with just one click
Best for

Customer service teams, small to medium-sized business owners; e-commerce website operators; customer service managers; Realtors; marketing professionals who want to improve their customer service and lead generation strategies.


SMS, Calendly, Google Calendar, Webhooks, API

Alternative to

ChatBase, Intercom, Crisp, Zendesk, Tidio, Livechat


GDPR-compliant, AI, team mates, workspace sub-accounts, whitelable CNAME for embeds

How others are using it
  • E-Commerce Store: Provide 24/7 assistance to answer product-related questions, process orders, and handle returns or complaints, thereby improving customer service and sales.
  • Service Providers: Handle routine inquiries like appointment scheduling, service details, and pricing for businesses like salons, clinics, or educational institutions.
  • Realtors : Automate responses to common queries about property listings, pricing, and availability
  • HR: Assist employees with HR-related queries, IT support, and internal process information in large organizations.
  • Educators: Build a learning assistant chatbot that helps students with learning resources, answers subject-specific questions, and provides study tips, enhancing the educational experience.
  • Market Analyst: Use the chatbot to provide real-time market trends, comparative market analysis, and investment advice to clients and investors.
  • Event Organizers: Build a virtual assistant chatbot to guide attendees through virtual events or conferences, providing information on schedules, speakers, and networking opportunities.
  • Content Creators: Build a chatbot that helps with idea generation, plot development, and even provides feedback on written content.
  • Legal Professionals: Build a chatbot that provides basic legal information, document templates, and guidance on common legal procedures to users.


NewOaks AI resolves customer inquiries automatically and transforms your website into a lead-generating machine with smart, appointment booking chatbots

Imagine never missing a beat in customer support, even while you sleep.

NewOaks AI automates customer support, keeping your business ahead in today’s fast world.

It uses document upload and URL crawling to let the AI tap into your resources. This way, it provides answers that are natural, relevant, and helpful to customer queries.

Multilingual support removes language barriers, enabling effective communication with customers everywhere.

Choose between the robust GPT-3.5 or the advanced GPT-4 technology for customer support that’s not just automatic but also smart and intuitive.

With NewOaks AI, expect answers that are not only accurate but also connect with your customers, boosting satisfaction and efficiency.

NewOaks AI Knowledge Sources
Transform customer support into a 24/7 service, offering smart and natural answers by learning from your documents and website content.

Turn every visitor into a potential lead with just a click.

NewOaks AI’s lead capture feature is a digital magnet for your business, skillfully designed to transform casual website interactions into valuable leads.

How? By engaging visitors with intelligent, automated chat that not only answers their queries but also intuitively gathers key information.

Picture this: As visitors browse your site, at the perfect moment, the chat widget, powered by smart timing settings, pops up. It deftly shifts from providing answers to capturing essential contact details like names, emails, and phone numbers.

It also prompt visitors to schedule appointments directly through Calendly or Google Calendar integrations.

This seamless process ensures that no potential lead slips through the cracks.

It’s like having a hardworking, efficient, and smart sales assistant who never stops working. This assistant makes sure every chat is a chance for growth.

NewOaks AI lead capture
Turn your website into a lead-generating powerhouse, engaging visitors with smart chats that learn and capture key details

Imagine reaching your customers directly in their pockets – that’s the magic of NewOaks AI’s SMS feature.

It answers text questions and even starts conversations with your audience via SMS. Helping you identify qualified leads and book appointments.

The SMS chatbot isn’t just responsive; it’s also proactive. You can set it to start conversations after a certain time, making sure your potential customers get engaged at the perfect moment.

Whether it’s answering questions about your services or following up with leads, NewOaks AI chatbot does it all through SMS.

NewOaks AI SMS appointments
Automate your SMS marketing with AI: start conversations, answer queries, and follow up with prospects automatically.

Would you like to start your own AI chatbot agency? With NewOaks AI, it becomes an exciting reality.

Tier 3 includes many of features designed for those who want to create unlimited chatbots, offering unlimited team seats and have all well organized in separated workspaces.

It’s the perfect solution for helping clients build bespoke chatbots tailored to a variety of needs, be it customer support, lead generation, appointment booking, or automated SMS marketing.

And with the included with custom domain (CNAME) that will white labeling for the embededing code, so you can offer these services as if they were under your own brand (the customer will see your own domain on the code that is used to embed the AI assistant).

Imagine empowering businesses with their own AI assistants, while simultaneously building a steady revenue source and enhancing your agency’s reputation.

NewOaks AI - Agency plan
Launch your AI chatbot agency with custom domain for whitelabeling the embed code and unlimited chatbots.

Trying to manage chat support on your website can sometimes feel like playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Just when you think you’ve got everything under control, another query pops up, leaving you wishing you had a few extra hands – or perhaps a few extra brains!

NewOaks AI is more than a chat support tool; it’s a powerhouse for your website. The AI-powered chatbot doesn’t just solve queries nonstop; it also captures and engages leads automatically.

Imagine a tireless, smart assistant, always ready to chat, inform, and turn interest into real opportunities like more leads and appointments.

Turn your business into a fully automated customer-enhanced experience.

Get Lifetime access to NewOaks AI today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to NewOaks AI
  • All future Essential (tier 1), Growth (tier 2), PRO, (tier 3) Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • 24/7 AI assistant
  • One-click multi-source training (URLs, TXT, PDF, DOCX, Custom Q&A, etc)
  • Lead capture
  • Branding removal
  • OpenAI - Bring your own key BYOK
  • Starting at $49
    Lifetime Deal
    View plans
    2 customer reviews

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 3 chatbots
  • 3 team seats
  • 3 workspaces
  • Appointment scheduler
  • License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $99|   $1750 
  • All features above included
  • 10 chatbots
  • 10 team seats
  • 10 workspaces
  • Appointment scheduler
  • SMS bot
  • Webhooks
  • License Tier 3
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Unlimited team seats
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Appointment scheduler
  • SMS bot
  • Webhooks
  • API
  • Whitelabel embeeded code (CNAME)
  • Pinned Resources

    Ray Luan

    Ray Luan

    All Posts
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    All Posts
    Subscribe/Unsuscribe MECHANISM
    First post from founder
    FAQs about company and product
    First post from founder

    Hi Zillas,

    Ray from NewOaks AI here presenting our exclusive lifetime deal for SaasZilla!


    Who are we? 👋

    NewOaks AI is a team of 6 members. I am the CEO and Co-founder of NewOaks AI. My partner Calvin and I have been working in the SaaS industry for over 10 years. I used to work for Tiktok’s parent company Bytedance as Product Manager in charge of the used car e-commerce business line.

    My partner has built an online startup then sold it to Ebay. We have released our first AI product ChatRealor AI on Product Hunt and ranked as top 3 product of the day in September. NewOaks AI is an evolution from that technology.


    Why create NewOaks? 🚀

    As a small business expands, the number of customer inquiries and appointment bookings increases substantially. The owner has been handling all customer interactions themselves, but this has become overwhelming and is negatively affecting their work-life balance.

    In order to provide excellent customer service and maintain a positive online presence, the owner needs to have someone available to answer inquiries, book appointments, and follow up with customers on the official website, via text messages, and on social media platforms.  However, hiring a full-time human assistant to handle these tasks around the clock would be costly and challenging due to training on your company’s knowledge, shift scheduling, work-life balance considerations.
    To address this challenge, SMB can implement our AI-powered virtual assistant to handle customer inquiries and appointments . Our virtual assistant can be programmed with no-code at all by providing a set of URLs or uploading documents containing the knowledge of your company. That way, it will be able to provide accurate responses to your customer queries, book appointments based on availability of your calendar, and send follow-up messages to customers, all without the need for breaks or shift scheduling.
    NewOaks AI can help you to:
    1. Resolve 80% customer inquiries instantly ❤️🔥
    2. Convert leads to appointments by Text SMS, Chat Bubble on websites and Social Media
    3. Cut customer service costs up to 50%


    How NewOaks AI is different from the rest of competitors 🔎


    While AI chat assistants can offer advanced chatbot solutions, they may not provide the same level of specialized text SMS services, calendar integration for appointments or the CRM integration capabilities that NewOaks AI offers.
    For agencies and their customers, we are offering a series of specialized features such as team seats with separated workspaces, incoming and outgoing data with webhooks and whitelabel for the embed code. That way, they can manage the service for their customers without revealing our brand.
    Supported languages (multi-language processing) 🗣️
    Every possible language supported by OpenAI: English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish…
    5 types of data sources for training your AI assistant 🧠
    Files ( .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt), Text, General Website, custom manual input Q&A. Every single data format can be used for training. You can also use all different data sources to train a single chatbot (but please avoid duplicating content. Also remember to “Retrain” your chatbot every time you upload a new data source so that the changes can be updated on the system.)
    Besides that, 2-way data integrations thanks to the use of webhooks and API.
    What’s on it for you?
    We are providing unique features for this LTD that are restricted in our regular MRR plans or that don’t even exist for them yet.
    For all the LTD plans, the “appointment schedule” module is unlocked by now.
    We are also offering extended training storage for EACH bot (up to max. number of characters stored on a bot knowledge base) – Tier 1 for 1.1m, Tier 2 for 5m, Tier 3 for 32m.
    And lastly, Whitelable option for agencies on Tier 3 with our own CNAME for the embeddable code (it won’t display our URL but yours) and unlimited workspaces and users.
    We invite you to try NewOaks and provide feedback. 🙌
    (no-risk 60-day refund guarantee on this lifetime deal)
    Our team is eager to have your input on deciding on the roadmap for our tool and our direct support is just an email away.
    Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section here or by sending us an email. We are happy to help.
    FAQs about company and product

    When was your company founded & where is it located?

    Founded in April 2023 / Irvine CA, USA.

    Any details to clarify about the deal?

    We are offering extended training storage/number of characters for EACH bot compared with the regular plans on our website (up to max. number of characters stored on a bot knowledge base to retrieve the information for the conversations) Tier 1 = 1.1m / Tier 2 = 5m, Tier 3 = 32m.

    Questions & Reviews​

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    43 comments on "NewOaks AI"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. Hi,

      I understand that the objective of this software is for client engagement and scheduling appointments. Can I use them for other purposes as well? For example, since there is a feature to upload PDF files for the bot, can I upload a textbook and ask the bot questions related to the book?

      • Hi Farhan, thank you for your comments. Yes you certainly can upload a text book in PDF format and talk to the chatbot for questions regarding to the book. Please be sure to use customer service template prompt for the questions. I attached our discord support link below:

    2. Where are your servers located. Also, are you GDPR compliant and how do you deal with data security. What do you track etc?

      • Our server is located in Microsoft Azure West Coast Server. We only record clients log-in data and track nothing beyond that. All training data and account is allowed to be deleted completely in order to comply with GDPR.

    3. Hi. Just starting to look at this having opted for the T3 option. Looks like a stellar product (even with Open.ai allowing GPT creation). A few Qs

      1. Can you please confirm what procedures you have in place for protecting data uploaded to the system and where data is kept (and how you are GDPR compliant)
      2. Can you please incorporate direct booking into Google Calandar or something similar and free. Many of us don’t use Calendly.
      3. If you were to incorporate a user’s ability to upload a document, that would be a def USP. To show what I mean, let’s say I train the bot on my internal policies. Then my user (an employee) can upload a document and the bot will determine if it’s within the policy or not.
      4. Alternate LLMs would also be a great feature as Open.ai is very up and down on performance.


      • Hi Stephen,

        Thanks for your comments. Here are the answers:
        1. We only record user’s login information. The account is allowe to be deleted any time and we keep one week for restoration then delete permanently after one week. The data is stored in Microsoft Azure US West for now. And we will provide an option for storing your data in vector database of your own choice (it may incur extra charge because the data transfer and collaboration cost is high).
        2. We are integrating with Google Calendar now, which will be released within one week. Other integration is on the way but up to poll.
        3. You can use workspace to manage the internal policies of your employees. One workspace can contain multiple team member emails and one team email is allowed to create only one chatbot. Admin account has full authority to create, manage and delete all chatbots under workspace.
        4. We provide OpenRouter functionality to utilize NewOaks’s API interface, and also as well as LLMs such as Claude too.
        5. Please join our discord support community for any questions: https://discord.com/invite/fuBt2K6k3p

    4. I’ve encountered too many error messages like “There are too many users, please try again later”. I don’t believe we have “many users” now; how can we handle it when we do have many users in the future?

      • Glad to hear by email that you and the developer are working on solving that situation that seems to come from your personal OpenAI key.

    5. Dear Ray Luan,

      Thank you for your product, currently I am facing problem like this when I want to make an appointment:
      I use Vietnamese: “Tôi muốn đặt hẹn” then the booking feature appears with an English text “Please select the date and time that you’re available, and confirm the best email address for you.”
      Let me ask: how can I translate that notice into Vietnamese or “fix” it?

    6. Hi Ray!

      Is the CNAME available at the account level, meaning there is only 1 or is this at the workspace level meaning 1 for each bot?

      • Hi Criativos,

        Sorry I lost track of this review section as many folks asked questions on facebook community. Each Cname is set for each chatbot.

    7. Hallo
      I have read in various places that the connections of the bots are often terminated due to overload.
      You write about GPT that you use Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).
      Is it also possible with vector databases such as pgvector to use your own key and thus ensure smooth operation without disruptions?

    8. So as far as i understand Tier 3 would let me create multiple workspaces as well as use multiple domains correct? This would make sense if im an agency and want to use the service for multiple clients

      • Yes you can create mutiple workspace. Cname can be created for every chatbot. One workspace can create multiple sub-accounts, but one subaccount can only create one chatbot.

    9. Hello Ray.

      Is the CNAME available at the account level, meaning there is only 1 or is this at the workspace level meaning 1 for each bot?

    10. Hi Ray,

      A few questions if you could assist:

      1)Agency-Client BYOK:
      For Agencies to manage client usage for BYOK – do you envision the simpliest way to setup a unique key for each client (so that they are billed for usage) and setup the unique client key within the respective workspace?

      Are the SMS provided by your platform or via an intergration with Twilo?
      If they are provided by your platform is there an charging model or limit per bot/client?
      If they are charged can we set up different payment methods per bot/client?

      3)Human handover alert via SMS
      If a customer requests human handover is there a possibility an sms can be sent to a client with a link to the conversation (via an intergration with Twilio/Zapier) etc?

      4)iOS Mobile app for human handover?
      Do you have any plans to develop a mobile app so conversations can be accesssed on the go?

      I can see you have Zapier, webhooks and API intergrations. Do you plan to have any more intergrations such as Albato or other marketing software such as Brevo?

      Many thanks,


      • Sorry to miss out your question under SaaSZilla’s Deal page. here are the answers:

        The easiest way to set BYOK for each email account is that create one workspace for only one client’s email account. One email account can only create one chatbot for now. That way you can manage BYOK unique Open API key for each client easily. You just manage your client per workspace.

        Google voice is only available for US and Canada. you can use personal gmail account which is free. BTW where do you plan to use Text SMS? We plan to integrate with other suppliers like Twilio

        The answer is yes, but we need to integrate with Twilio and Zapier or your preferred supplier first, which will take some work

        We are planning to release an IOS app for human takeover on the live chat of chatbot, which may take one month or so

        We don’t have Zapier yet but will integrate it. The integration with other marketing software will be considered per vote by our users then we will go for the most desired ones.

      • The SMS feature is supported by Google Voice, which only works on US and Canada for now. Which SMS suppliers is popular in Eurpop? We plan to integrate with Zillio though.

    11. Congratulations on your Saaszilla launch! Your product caught my eyes immediately. I have several questions.

      1. Are the workspaces for NewOaks AI private?
      2. Can a separate OpenAI key be added to each workspace or bot?
      3. Are these chatbots suitable to be used with client websites?
      4. Your website describe the SMS feature as “Zero Cost’. Could you please share some details on this? Do we need to use a service like Twilio?
      5. Do you have a roadmap?

      Thank you in advance for your time.

      • Hi Trevor, thanks for the questions. Below are my answers:
        1. Are the workspaces for NewOaks AI private?
        The main account can manage workspace, the sub-account can only see its own workspace. Does it answer your question?
        2. Can a separate OpenAI key be added to each workspace or bot?
        Yes, a separate OPena AI API Key is assigned per workspace. A workspace can manage more than one email account, which is only able to create one chatbot
        3. Are these chatbots suitable to be used with client websites?
        The chatbots can be embeded to client websites by copy and paste a piece of script
        4. Your website describe the SMS feature as “Zero Cost’. Could you please share some details on this? Do we need to use a service like Twilio?
        The SMS feature is deployed to Google Voice number (personal account is free), compared with Twilio, you dont’ need to pay any cost per message and no monthly installation fee for the google voice number. Twilio will be integrated soon but it is expensive to use.
        5. Do you have a roadmap?
        Yes we do have roadmap under workspace panel once you loginto NewOaks AI website

    12. You have a good feature on your app, seems to be a fully functioning lead-generation tool, However, I am trying your chatbot on your website but it says

      “There are too many users, please try again later”

      What’s happening there? Is there a bug, or do you have limited resources to accommodate users, this kinda limiting you know?

      Planning on getting the max tier.

      • Ken, thanks for the comments! The too many users error msg are due to high volume visits this morning after launch so that the server was jammed. We already increased the capacity of server so now it is fixed. Please DM me if you have any questions!

    13. Best Wishes for your Launch ! I like the appointment feature , can it be preceded by payment ? What is the character limits for training/bot ?

      • Satish thank you for your review! I am not sure that I fully understood your question. If I understand it correctly, you meant sending a payment link before the appointment? Yes if it is what you asked for. A payment link can be accommodated by adding to the knowledge base as a Q/A pair to train the chatbot.

    1. Avatar

      Ryan Gee (verified buyer)

      Unlimited bots and outputs, unlike some recent competitors. Pricing is amazing. But best of all is the commitment of the founder. Check out the SaasZilla Facebook page and you will see Ray constantly commenting and responding to comments from the community. I have seen him implement multiple ideas which were suggested by community members and is willing to talk the ideas through to get a better sense of the needs of his customers. To me, this is the best sign of a SaaS with lots of potential.

      Ray, keep up the good work!

    2. Highlander

      Highlander (verified buyer)

      Very interesting deal. The team has drawn inspiration from one of my fave apps Chatbase so it’s no surprise that the UI is similar to Chatbase. Clean, sleek and easy to understand.

      But what you get is the unlimited bots instead of 40 subs from Chatbase. NewOaks output is promising. The webhook allows us to get more info from leads who have interacted with our chatbots. Also they make it easy to integrate with Calendly.

      Downside? No proper API documentation. That sets Chatbase apart from NewOaks. But the team behind this will figure this out if they choose to. Afterall, Chatbase is run by 1 guy and NewOaks is a team.

      So if you’re still thinking about it…

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