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NewOaks Whitelabel addon

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2 customer reviews
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!


Enhace customer interaction with NewOaks' white label add-on. Customize the login page and use custom SMTP for emails to create a branded front-end experience for your customers.

This is the addon for activating the full whitelabel platform allowing your customers to login on a branded page (with your own branding) so they can setup and use their workspace as if it were from your own company/agency.

ATTENTION: This Whitelabel Addon for NewOaks lifetime deal can only be used on top of the top tier as requirement. If you don’t have it yet, buy it first or upgrade your previous purchase.

What do you get with this NewOaks add-on:

  • Whitelabeled login page for customers to login with your custom logo and URL (CNAME).
  • Whitelabeled dashboard showing your branding when the customer navigates the system.
  • Whitelabeled embedable code when embeding the widget on client’s website. (It will show your brand/ generic domain name).
  • Custom SMTP for sent emails.
NewOaks whitelable settingsNewOaks whitelable settings
Setup your own AI bot business with NewOaks

Start your own AI bots business with NewOaks AI and it’s whitelabel add-on

Get Lifetime access to NewOaks Whitelabel addon today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to NewOaks Whitelabel addon
  • Stack up to 1 codes
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Whitelabel login
  • Custom SMTP
  • $199
    Lifetime Deal
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    2 customer reviews

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Deal ends in…
    NewOaks Whitelabel addon
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • White labeling (login dashboard with CNAME and logo & Custom email SMTP)
  • “Powered by YOUR-BRAND-HERE” customizable on web widget
  • 100/strong> Whitelabeled subaccounts/customer bots
  • *Stack 2 codes and get 300 OR Stack 3 codes and get unlimited Whitelabeled subaccounts/customer bots!

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    Add-on FAQs

    What does this addon offers me on top of the regular NewOaks AI Tier 3 account?

    NewOaks AI Tier 3 is already providing a managed service for agencies to utilize embedded code with a CNAME, ensuring that customers do not recognize the origin of the embedded code as NewOaks.

    If you aim to improve customer engagement, this white label add-on enables you to establish a personalized front-end interface for your clients. This includes the ability to tailor the login page (URL with your custom domain and logo) and utilize custom SMTP for customer emails.

    Additionally, the embeddable code will be associated with your agency’s custom domain, further concealing its origin from NewOaks. This setup gives the impression that the software is your very own SaaS product.

    Should you have any specific requests, please reach out to the development team with your suggestions for possible inclusion in the roadmap. Suggestions are evaluated based on their feasibility, alignment with team objectives, and frequency of requests.

    The team is also open to offer a custom development plan if you have special needs outside the regular tool development.

    Do I need to purchase NewOaks AI “core” to be able to use this Whitelable option?

    Yes, this add-on is designed to enhance the user experience to closely resemble “your own SaaS” when stacked on top of the NewOaks AI “core” Tier 3 product.

    How does the Whitelabel addon affects my already unlimited workspaces for NewOaks tier 3?

    Users can log in to the newoaks.ai dashboard, with no limit on the number of users, or through your whitelabel dashboard, where the number of customer bots depends on your WL addon allowance/stack).

    PS: If you stack 5 codes of this whitelabel addon you’d also get access to unlimited Whitelabeled customer bots.

    What if I need more white labeled customer workspaces?

    The whitelabel addon is stackable so you can grab as many as you need and put them together to increase the numbers. *Right now there’s a BONUS: Stack 2 codes and get 300 OR Stack 3 codes and get unlimited Whitelabeled customer bots.

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    6 comments on "NewOaks Whitelabel addon"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. Hi there,

      I have been looking for this product for a long time to buy or not? I have a driving school and want to have a booking system along with some students progress along with theoretical resources for students to learn quickly and have a system for them to track their progress and learning. Understand that all the features may not be available here. Than is it possible to have another platform to be able to integrate with your product.

    2. hi, with the 3 tiers and with 1 w.label component code I still have unlimited bots not complete white label and 100 bots for clients in w.label? thanks

      • Hello, that’s right. Your core NewOaks AI Tier 3 limits are completely independent.
        This addon only adds additional sub-accounts for your customers to login in a customized branded dashboard experience according to your brand on top what you already have.
        Please, remember that in our pinned section below the pricing tables we usually put the FAQs with this and more recurring questions that you might find interesting. Cheers!

    3. Hi Josh. Clients can use mobile browser to login and use live chat on IOS. PWA for IOS will be the same as using Safari browser to open livechat backend if not going review process under App Store.

    1. Avatar

      Darkglasses (verified buyer)

      If you’ve an agency with tier 3 of NewOaks, this gives you white label subaccounts – client logins. Great! NewOaks improves every day (gpt-4o is there now) – the founder is very active and responsive. Long may it continue!

    2. Avatar

      Momo Feichtinger (verified buyer)

      Great product.
      But even more amazing founder. Very active and responsive.
      They honor their promises.
      I do have retune, answerly and more – but newoaks (with the whitelabel addon) is probably one of the greatest deals.

      Of course someday I hope for proper sourcing of the embeddings.

      But the most amazing thing is the commitment of the founder.
      Thank you!

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