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Quick Creator Blog

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The SEO-friendly, hosted blogging platform makes creating blogs that rank so easy, even your grandma could do it!
Quick Creator Blog Lifetime DealQuick Creator Blog Lifetime Deal
Starting at $39
3 customer reviews
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Ah, the life of an aspiring blogger or online business owner. You’ve got ideas by the dozen, but when it comes to setting up a blog, it’s like assembling IKEA furniture without the instructions. (“Page not found? Must’ve missed the Allen wrench step.”)

You’re eager to showcase your voice and your products without getting entangled in the complexities of hosting and domain setups.

What’s worse, this is followed by the endless generation and adjustment of SEO content in the hope of ranking high on Google, rather than relying solely on prayers and wishes.

What if there was a tool that didn’t just help you write but also rolled out the red carpet for your blog, complete with a custom domain, SEO goodies, and zero tech headaches?

Announcing Quick Creator Blog


Start your blog hassle-free, backed by a lightning-fast CDN and unlimited bandwidth. Publish instantly on your own branded domain.
Boost your blog's ranking with built-in SEO tools and optimization. Enjoy automatic linking, sitemap creation, and more.
Best for

Marketers, Bloggers, SEO Agencies, e-commerce owners, Content Marketing Teams, and Businesses who wants to create and publish SEO-friendly blogs on their own domains, all from one platform


Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Shofiy, WordPress

Alternative to

Ghost, WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly — SEO.ai, Jasper, Autoblogging.ai


GDPR-Compliant, AI, CNAME, team seats (January 2024)

How others are using it
  • Produce content that not only ranks well on search engines but also aligns perfectly with your brand’s tone and style.
  • Instantly set up blog sites and get right to the action.
  • Connect with a global audience by creating blogs in different languages
  • Enhance your online visibility by automatically setting meta titles, descriptions and URLs to each new blog, ensuring that your content ranks higher in search results.
  • Automate the process of inserting relevant external and internal links in your blog posts right from the get-go.
  • Small business owners – Quickly create SEO-optimized blog content to drive traffic to their site and promote their products/services without needing technical skills.
  • Bloggers – Generate draft blog post ideas and outlines that they can then customize and flesh out, saving time on ideation and allowing them to publish more content.
  • Content teams – Produce large volumes of blogs and other marketing content for their company’s website. The AI writing speeds up content creation.
  • Agencies – Use Quickcreator to efficiently create blogs, articles, product descriptions, etc. for clients. The automated hosting and SEO optimization streamline client website setup.
  • Coaches/consultants – Write authoritative content to establish their expertise and attract new clients without needing to master technical aspects of blogging.
  • Affiliate marketers – Quickly spin up “authority sites” with quality content around niche topics and monetize through affiliate links.
  • Ecommerce sites – Populate their sites with engaging, keyword-focused product descriptions, buying guides, and other sales-driving content.
  • Niche sites – Build out fan sites, hobby blogs, local review sites, etc. by leveraging the AI writing to create targeted, optimized content.
  • Students – Use Quickcreator’s AI writing to generate drafts of blog posts, essays, and other assignments that they can then edit and finalize.


Quick Creator Blog is an all-in-one blogging platform. You can host your blog, craft top-notch posts using AI, and publish them directly on your own domain.

With Quick Creator, you can truly own your blog.

It lets you start your blog fast and host it on your domain. This gives you complete control over your online presence, helping you to build a unique brand identity that connects with your audience.

It also safeguards your reader’s data with SSL and ensures your blog loads swiftly with CDN. So, your readers will feel safe visiting your site, and they’ll enjoy browsing without lag times.

Enjoy unlimited views and bandwidth, Quick Creator makes sure nothing stops your blog’s growth. Your blog can handle an increasing number of visitors each day without worry.

Quick Creator Blog - feature 1Quick Creator Blog - feature 1
Create SEO-optimized content and host it on Quick Creator for fast and secure loading

Finished setting up your blog? Let’s fill it with content!

Quick Creator provides several ways to craft content using AI. Want to begin with a list of keywords? Easy! Input the keywords, follow the simple blog creation steps, and get high-quality content in minutes!

But there’s more.

You can input any URL for the AI to learn and create content around it, go freestyle, or even pick from various article types – such as product comparisons, case studies, or the “why” post.

Whether you need a short summary, an extensive 3000-word article, or anything in between, Quick Creator has your back.

And it’s not just random words – it’s well-constructed, SEO-optimized content designed to rank higher and engage your readers.

Create top-notch, unique content with Quick Creator's Blog Wizard.

Blogs and SEO go hand-in-hand today.

That’s why Quick Creator auto-generates a sitemap for your blog. A sitemap helps search engines traverse your site, comprehend its layout, and ultimately index your pages more effectively. It’s akin to giving Google a roadmap of your website, enhancing your visibility in search results.

It also manages your blog posts’ meta titles and descriptions. Ensuring each post automatically has a keyword-rich title and description to draw clicks.

Curious about your blog’s performance?

Quick Creator integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console. You can monitor your blog’s traffic, identify content that engages your audience, and gain insights into how your blog performs in search results.

Boost your blog's SEO with Quick Creator. Auto-sitemaps, keyword-rich meta info, plus integrated Google integrations.

Gone are the days of manually searching for links to add to your new article.

Quick Creator inserts relevant internal and external links without you lifting a finger!

This not only enhances your SEO but also keeps readers on your site longer by guiding them to your other content.

But there’s more.

Quick Creator also generates a list of related content you’ve written, automatically at the end of each blog post.

So, with every new blog post, you’ll have a bunch of related content suggestions ready for your readers. This engages your audience and encourages them to explore more of what you offer.

With the block-based editor, you can also add calls to action and media, and save them as templates.

Quick Creator streamlines link insertion and lets you craft an ideal reading journey with a user-friendly block-based editor.

Running a business is no joke, but working too hard definitely is.

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to learn the ins and outs of hosting, security, and SEO just to share your genius with the world.

Quick Creator handles all the technical details so you can focus on creating content that converts.

With AI-powered writing, custom hosting, and built-in SEO, it’s the easiest way to start and grow an optimized blog.

Stop wasting time and money attempting to create an optimized blog. Instead, spend more time doing what you love and what matters most.

Get Lifetime access to Quick Creator Blog today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to Quick Creator Blog
  • All future Starter (Tier 1) or Pro (Tier 2+) Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade between 5 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 5 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Hosting
  • Blog builder (blocks)
  • SEO-optmized AI article writer
  • Article Generation Wizard and One-step Articles generation
  • Automated internal linking
  • Automatic generation of related blogs ("see also" section)
  • Automatically generated sitemap
  • SSL & Global CDN
  • Code Injection
  • Shopify App & WordPress integration plugin
  • This Deal is Sold Out
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    Starting at $39
    Lifetime Deal
    View plans
    3 customer reviews

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    15% off with ‘SZ15’, expires in…
    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
    $39   |$1160 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited no. of blog views/visits
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom domain/CNAME
  • 1 hosted blog
  • 10 SEO-optimized AI articles per month
  • 1 user
  • Sold Out

    License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $99   |$1740 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited no. of blog views/visits
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom domain/CNAME each blog
  • 3 hosted blogs
  • 30 SEO-optimized AI articles per month
  • 3 users
  • Automated Internal & External link
  • multilingual blog
  • Data Analytics integrations (Google Search console data and Google analytics)
  • Sold Out

    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Sold Out

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    Tony Yan

    All Posts
    Subscribe/Unsuscribe MECHANISM
    First post from founder

    Hello Zillas, nice to meet you!

    My name is Tony, and I am the co-founder of a SaaS company which we established in 2021 in the US.

    We have secured seed funding of approximately $1.5M.

    In addition to Quick Creator, we have developed a couple of other active projects: QuickTable and QuickTrans.

    Our servers and data are hosted on AWS, located in the USA.

    Quick Creator, our latest product, was launched in March 2023. We already have paid customers and rapid growth.

    I’m excited to announce a Lifetime Deal collaboration with SaaSZilla! 🎉 Here’s why you should be too:

    👥 Our Team: With 11 experts boasting 20+ years in SaaS & enterprise software, we’ve served giants like IBM, Oracle, and Tencent. We were also part of the founding team at unicorn startup TalkingData.

    🛠️ The Problem: We found existing AI writing tools like Jasper, copy.ai, and ChatGPT great for marketing but there was one thing they were lacking in, SEO-friendly features. SEO isn’t just about E-A-T; it’s also about metadata, internal/external links, and images.

    🚀 Our Solution: Quick Creator Blog. This was made out of necessity and popular demand, this tool skyrocketed our product QuickTran from <10 to 2000+ daily clicks in 3 months, ranking for 400+ Google Snippets.

    🔥 Features:

    • Keyword & URL-based article generation
    • Auto SEO optimization (title, meta, keyword distribution)
    • Auto internal/external linking & image insertion
    • Blog hosting with custom domain & global CDN
    • Supports 15+ languages for translation

    🌐 Whether you’re an SEO pro or a newbie, Quick Creator Blog is your all-in-one platform for SEO success.


    Try Quick Creator Blog for free with our trial or take advantage of our SaasZilla lifetime deal, offering a no-risk 60-day refund guarantee.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have for our team.

    Product FAQs

    What are the benefits of Quick Creator Blog? Do you host my blog?

    Quick Creator Blog merges hosting with SEO AI-powered content creation to provide a unique solution that enables business owners and content creation teams to accomplish more, the right way in way less time.
    The best thing about this promotion is that we offer unlimited articles (manual or SEO-optimized AI generated with limits on the pricing tables), storage and unlimited views/traffic. At Quick Creator Blog, we take care of every technical aspect for you, leaving you to solely focus on expanding your business.

    What are SEO-optimized AI articles? How is this different to another AI writers?

    Quick Creator Blog’s AI was born to leverage AI for SEO, that’s why, unlike most AI writers out there, it allows you to connect your domain and Google Search Console to optimize and boost your generated content. Spend less time optimizing your content and receive more visitors from Google.

    Current SEO capabilities include auto-generated metadata, automated internal linking, image insertion, keyword optimization, and more.

    Auto Keyword suggestion from Google Search Console integration and other excitnig exclusive SEO features are coming!

    What language models you use? Can I bring my own key (BYOK) in case I want to?

    We are not an OpenAI wrapper. We offer our own model and AI credits are included in all the offered tiers. We are constantly improving our model and applying the latest technology from different AI models that are combined to create the best possible results.

    Currently, we employ a combination of multiple language models like GPT 3.5turbo and GPT-4 at specific stages in our engine. This strategy enables us to produce articles of excellent quality while keeping the system cost-effective. After some petitions, we’ve reflected on this and have chosen to offer Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) across all LTD tiers. This feature allows you to exclusively use GPT-4 for every step if you choose to, which can enhance the quality of your articles.

    Please be aware that when using BYOK, the number of articles you can generate remains subject to the monthly AI article limit of your tier. BYOK is an additional feature we’ve provided to meet the requests from some of our users (that want to exclusively use GPT4). If you prefer to stick with our proprietary model, you can do so just as always, without the need to integrate any external API keys.

    Can I import my content from other blog apps and host it on Quick Creator Blog?

    You’ll soon have the ability to import your Wix, WordPress, Webflow, etc., into Quick Creator Blog and host your blog with us. We are currently deciphering their APIs to provide an estimated time of arrival for this feature, but rest assured, it will definitely become possible.

    Can I export my blogposts from Quick Creator Blog?

    Yes, besides the direct integration with platforms like WordPress, you can also download your articles in markdown, txt, and other formats.

    Is there any limit on the number of posts I can create? Can I buy more AI “credits”?

    There’s no limit to manually generated blogposts. If you exceed your monthly allowance for SEO-optimized AI articles, you can continue to create unlimited manual articles at no extra charge. However, if you need to purchase additional AI articles allowance, the following rates apply:

    T1 : $1.20 per article
    T2 & T3 : $1.00 per article
    T4 : $0.80 per article
    T5 : $0.10 per article

    PS: Since the limits are higher and the additional article rates are lower on the upper tiers, we recommend opting for a higher tier if you anticipate future growth or scaling of your business and think you might need more AI articles.

    Can I create a multilingual blog?

    Yes, if you are part of our Pro plan (T2+), multilingual blog is available for you. You can have your main blog language as one of the supported native languages (listed in the “Relevant links” within the “Pinned” section below the plan selection tables).

    You can also have your articles in more additional languages besides your main “native” language. You add your own translation, which won’t consume AI credits.

    PS: If you are missing any language, additonal languages are continuosly added, with priority given based on the volume of requests. We encourage you to leave and vote for your requested language on our roadmap.

    Can we host, manage, and sell our customers’ blogs as a service through our agency?

    Yes, you can leverage this deal to manage and create blogs and posts for your clients, similar to an agency, selling it as a service (not a white-label platform).

    Is there a team collaboration feature? What are users and what are their permissions?

    The team collaboration feature is currently being developed (coming in Jan. 2024).
    Until this feature is developed, you may temporarily share your login with your teammates.

    “Users” or “teammates” can collaborate within your Quick Creator’s account organization workspace. These teammates will function as editors, and they will have the ability to create and edit blog posts, sharing your account limits.

    Questions & Reviews​

    Please log in to ask a question.

    121 comments on "Quick Creator Blog"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. Hi.
      Tell me please, do you lock account email, or we can change account email anytime there’s a need, when ‘users’ are coming, can I add block with audio above the text so visitors can listen article instead of reading? Thanks

      • The account in our system is based on email and you can not change your email account by yourself. If you need to do that, you have to contact our support team to do that. For the audio block, we plan to add it. We have video blocks in our current design.

    2. Does Quick Creator Blog have an automated indexing feature in the backend for published posts?

      In other words, is there any indexing advantage speed wise publishing content using your platform?

    3. Hi, can I get an ETA on the ability to have direct access to the editor to be able to copy and paste existing content or create content from scratch?

      Also, how do I or where can I access my sitemap URL on Quick Creator Blog?

      • You can do it after we release the new version on Jan 18th. This new version is very powerful on blog editing and users can start from a blank blog instead of start from AI generation.

    4. How is providing lifetime hosting sustainable for LtD?
      Can you explain how this works?
      I had bought hosting LTD in past and the company could not operate after 2 years after and had to change it terms to yearly payments z
      How is your company managing this?

      • If we are still running and operating, we can provide hosting. If we run out of business due to some reason, you can download all of your blog HTML files and host them by yourself. I hope all LTD users can recommend MRR customers to our product so that we can run healthy and provide better services to all LTD users.

    5. hi

      does the ltd include the content quality score checker ?

      can users be recycled ?

      eg 1 removed and another added in its place ?


    6. I want to test drive this software. If I buy Tier 1 at $39 and truly like it, can I upgrade to Tier 2 and pay the difference of $60? I would do this within 60 days but most likely less.

      Please advise. Thanks!

      • Hello, this is not possible because tiers function much like water bottles. They are a whole by themselves:
        Merging two 500cc water bottles together won’t result in a 1-liter capacity, as each bottle is a complete entity on its own. Likewise, stacking different tiers does not create a higher-level tier. In order to obtain a specific tier, it must be acquired in its entirety.
        I hope that makes things clear. Here is the related documentation in case you need to check it : https://saaszilla.co/docs/licenses/what-is-a-license-tier

      • Hi
        Because we have some customers who love our blog content quality but have their own websites. Especially those e-commerce customers. So we make the integration to let them publish contents to their websites hosting on WordPress and Shopify.

      • We can publish blogs to WordPress through WordPress integration. We have a plan to migrate blogs from other CMS systems and it will be in 2024.

    7. Is it possible to create posts in bulk?
      Is it possible to generate images according to H2? If 5 H2 then 5+1 image generation.

      • 1. We do not support bulk in the current release. And we are thinking of adding it. I hope we can add it in the first Q of 2024 after we understand its particular implications.
        2. Add images for each H2 is possible. We have discussed this internally and I will give an ETA for that pretty soon.

    8. There may be articles for which I don’t care about SEO, and would not want the composition to be influenced by a sensitivity to SEO considerations. It would be great if I were able to indicate that choice right from the start of the article generation process.

      Is that possible now? If not, would you consider making that option available?

      • There may be articles for which I don’t care about SEO, and would not want the composition to be influenced by a sensitivity to SEO considerations. It would be great if I were able to indicate that choice right from the start of the article generation process.
        – Do you mean that we provide an option for whether the article should be optimized for SEO? If not, the article should be more naturally written instead of search engine optimization? If that is the case, I believe we can provide the option in the future release to let users have that option.

        • Tony Yan wrote:
          “– Do you mean that we provide an option for whether the article should be optimized for SEO? If not, the article should be more naturally written instead of search engine optimization? ”

          Yes, exactly. Your steps for generation seems effective, so for some topics I would appreciate being able to have the option of making use of it without it being affected by SEO considerations.

          Thanks for considering it.

    9. Could you please describe the intended possible uses of “Code Injection” and describe where and how in the app the feature would be accessed?

      And would it be for global impact on the blog, or for a particular post?


      • The ‘Code Injection’ is something you can add some code in your blog site. For example Google Analytics code, chatbot code, etc. So it will apply on all the blog pages.

    10. Hello, I am hoping to get some clarification on the “Automated Internal & External link” feature. If I publish my blog from QCB on my WordPress, would the internal links be to the content on QCB or would it link to my WP site? Could this be set up in a way to link to the other content on my WP site that was published before using QCB? Will QCB retroactively update blog posts with links to new content as it is created through QCB?

      Thank you! I am enjoying the tool so far on Tier 1 and considering upgrading. Cheers!

      • For internal links, you need to configure a domain name in the site configuration. We will go through your domain by a site search and then generate the internal link based on content correlation. For retroactively updating, we do have a plan for that and hope we have time to do that the first Q of 2024.

    11. I don’t get how this software works. How is it different from WordPress’s internal blogging if I use WordPress for my website? If I transfer my articles to your server, does that mean the SEO ranking will drop since they will have different URL addresses and a subdomain, like Cname?
      Could you explain this in more detail?

      • If you are using WordPress, you can use Quick Creator to generate the blogs and then publish them to your WordPress blog using our integration capability.
        We also support high-speed hosting and you can configure subdomains using CName.
        Quick Creator Blog Builder is an AI-powered blogging platform optimized for SEO purposes.

    12. • Ability to upgrade between 5 license tiers. How do I upgrade? I’m on Tier 3.

      • I am also waiting for the release of the RSS and Team features next month.

    13. I have one other feature request – the ability to hide a blog post from showing up on the homepage once published.

      In other words, I want to publish a blog post so it can show up on SERP and at the same time decide which blog posts are visible to visitors on a per blog post basis.

      This would be great!

    14. Hi, I like Quick Creator Blog so far and I’m looking forward to the improvements of the editor!

      Quick question:

      How can I access the editor directly to manually create a blog post without using AI?

      This is option is important!

      • Hi Jesse,
        While nothing in life is certain, we can confidently state that it’s highly likely Quick Creator Blog will not end their SaasZilla lifetime deal before Black Friday.

    15. As there is a Holiday so might not get an answer from developers right now, how to add users? I do not see the option, but I am at Tier 3 so should have 5.

      Thanks in advance,


      • Hey Hans,
        That’s right, on weekends is always hard to find support.

        As per the team collaboration feature, it is under developed (coming in Dec 2023).
        We have marked this info twice in the deal page the most specified info is on the FAQs but I guess it’s easy to miss, specially because we have no way of putting everything on the pricing tables. Once it’s released, you’ll be able to add your team mates.

        Kinly take a look at the FAQs about this feature so you can understand more about it, and keep in mind that in the meantime, you are welcome to share the login until this feature is delivered.


      • I am sorry that we do not support skip AI creation in the current version. I will discuss with our team to see how we can skip the AI creation step to the blog editor directly.

        • Hi Tony! I just posted this question and didn’t know it was already asked in the comments.

          The option to go directly to the editor for manual blog post creation should be an easy feature to add so I hope that this happens fairly quickly.

          While I like the AI features, there are times that I (and others) may not want to use the AI to start. Especially if we’re creating content outside Quick Creator Blog in Microsoft Word or in any other software.

          I appreciate you and the team listening to feedback and actively providing solutions!

          Keep up the great work!


      • I discussed this with our team. We will provide a way in QCB that you can go to the editor directly. The feature will be ready by the end of November with our new editor.

    16. Is is possible to integrate with WordPress to post directly on the already created blog in wordpres and use the already created settings for blog posts?



      • Is is possible to integrate with WordPress to post directly on the already created blog in wordpres and use the already created settings for blog posts?
        – Do you mean reuse the content or other things of the created blog? How about the detail describing the requirement and sending it to support@quickcreator.io so that we can do a research and give you an answer?

    17. Hello, do we create and publish an article in French directly or do we have to translate the article? and can we program publications for several articles created?

      • Yeah, you can create French articles by the end of this month. I am not understand what do you mean of program the article?

        • thank you for your response otherwise let me explain create several articles and publish them at different day intervals, i.e. schedule the publication date of the article

    18. Purchased T1 for testing and I really like your product!
      My question:
      I’d like to use QCB for two separate WordPress sites and would like the WordPress integration and Data Analytics integration for both sites. Which plan would I need for this to work?


      • Forgot to ask:

        I would like to generate blogs in one language only: Dutch
        The blogs are published on WordPress and not hosted by you. Can I do that now or is this in the pipeline?

        Thanks, Charles

      • Hi,
        I think Tier 2 should be suitable for that. T1 can only have 1 site. And in QCB, 1 site can only connect to 1 WP at the same time.

      • Team management is not available yet. Because authorization is more complex and like a enterprise feature, it will take longer time. The current plan is to have multiple users share articles with no control. For enterprise feature, we will consider it when we have enterprise customers

    19. One more question:

      I’d like to spice up the articles with more images, e.g. one image per outline-item/sub-headline.

      Is it possible with QCB to automatically fetch images from openverse or other free stock-libraries and insert them into the relevant sections of a post automatically?

    20. 1. Is WordPress-Integration only working via the “Allow Quick Creator to access your WordPress Account?” publishing-modal? or are there other workarounds available?

      2. I realized, that in a blog-post some terms are not translated well. Is it possible to apply custom translations for terms, which I use more frequently?

      3. Can I create or at least apply a topic-cluster, which I have previously created with my other SEO-tool?

      • 1. Is WordPress-Integration only working via the “Allow Quick Creator to access your WordPress Account?” publishing-modal? or are there other workarounds available?
        – We need to do some research. It sounds that if we go by API, this is the only way. WP plugin is another way, but it seems the plugin is difficult to maintain.

        2. I realized, that in a blog-post some terms are not translated well. Is it possible to apply custom translations for terms, which I use more frequently?
        – By the end of this month, you can create use native languages. So translation should be useless then.

        3. Can I create or at least apply a topic-cluster, which I have previously created with my other SEO-tool?
        – Yeah, that is possible. How about add this feature request to https://quickcreator.featureshift.io with detail description?

    21. I just purchased the deal but it looks like I can not bring my own domain.
      These are the only options I have
      1. Use Quick Creator subdomain
      2. Use my subdomain
      3. Use my domain subdirectory
      Ideally, it should be mydomain(dot)com, not mydomain(dot)com/blog

      When are we going to be able to bring our own domains?

      • Hi, Yes, all 3 methods are possible included your own domain as you mention.
        Some of the methods might require a bit of setup depending on your choice and situation, but the Quick Creator team has confirmed that they will help anyone like you with any setup in case you need any assistance.
        Please, don’t hesitate to contact them via their support channels.
        PS: appologies for the late reply, somehow this comment got stuck on the spam folder of the commenats and we just saw it.

    22. How do you compare to Blogify.ai?

      With Blogify there’s a feature that allows blog creation from a YouTube URL, webpage URL, video/audio/pdf/doc upload, bulk blog generation; and while creating the blog post, it auto-generates a summary, meta-title/description and keywords to create SEO-optimized blogs.

      Can QuickCreator do any one these?

      • How do you compare to Blogify.ai?
        – I need to do some research because I am not familiar with this tool.
        With Blogify there’s a feature that allows blog creation from a YouTube URL, webpage URL, video/audio/pdf/doc upload, bulk blog generation; and while creating the blog post, it auto-generates a summary, meta-title/description and keywords to create SEO-optimized blogs.

        Can QuickCreator do any one these?
        – We can create blog from keywords, and product URL in the current version. Will add more features on blog creation. We can create meta-title, description, schema markup and other on-page SEO things. And can automate internal links, external links and images. We also provide high-speed blog hosting services. You are welcome to try our product before you make decision.

    23. Hi Tony,

      interesting tool and also interesting AI content, especially the internal linking.

      As a test I also added 2 other languages, but how do I see them?
      And by using them the tiers seems to be very restrictive, meaning not a lot of AI content can be added.

      And will “search, tags, categories, etc” be added?

      Thanks for answering,


      • I now found out where the other languages are, they are in a separate url … hm, that is a lot of work if you have to add links to the translated pages. Or is there something I oversee?
        Would it not be much easier, to just have in this case with 3 languages, 3 buttons/flags with links to the translated content?

        The same (but I saw a a question about that) are the header and the footer, why do you have to add that to each and every page?

        Thanks again,


        • Hi Hans,
          That’s what we are improving. We are working on native UI and native language writing and will have 5 languages before the end of October.
          For header and footer thing, we will make it global property so that you do not need to do it again and again. The ETA should be by the end of November.

    24. Hi Tony, ive purchased and browsed through here, i saw your comment below “For each tier, we limit AI-generated blog pages. For each blog page, up to 3000 words.”
      1) im in tier 3. what is the limit for image and video
      2) how many blog pages for each domain , 10 hosted blogs (tier 3)
      3) is blog pages = to ai generated blogs with a limit of 150 per month?

      • Hi,
        1) im in tier 3. what is the limit for image and video
        – There will be no limited for LTD users. But we do not support upload video, you can embed video from youtube.
        2) how many blog pages for each domain , 10 hosted blogs (tier 3)
        – You can arrange the distribution by yourself, we only limit the total number of blogs.
        3) is blog pages = to ai generated blogs with a limit of 150 per month?
        – Yes, if you write it by yourself, it will be not count.

    25. Congratulations on your launch.

      Your tool looks enticing but I strongly suggest you consider adding Google Analytics/Search console and auto-linking to tier 1 plan.

      Remember, when you enable customers to be successful they become your brand ambassador.

      Definitely limit number of blogs and admins but not analytics/auto linking.

      I personally one blog for my personal brand. I would hate to think that I need to purchase tier 2 just for GA, GSC & auto linking and to never use the remaining two blogs.

      Wishing you a successful launch.

      • Thanks a lot! Because we integrated a third-party analytics service, It is hard for us to have analytics on Tier-1. If the blog is hosting on our system, automate see also internal link will be there.

      • Hi,
        Totally understand. I will add pt-BR to our roadmap. It sounds pt-BR is a little difference from pt-pt. We will add that after adding pt-pt.

      • For google Adsense, I don’t know the requirements of Google Adsense, we may need to add some templates to support that.

      • I don’t see why not as long as there are blocks where you can put the ads.
        We have talked with the team and they are already checking on how and additional feature that will allow you to globally display content around all your blogpost pages.
        That will be valid for any content such ads, banners, CTAs that you need to globally display per blog category.

    26. Please consider adding the landing page to the LTD. It’ll be more lucrative and cement the purchase as lots of alternatives coming soon. Please consider making this purchase memorable in a pleasant way.

      Please accelerate team members with user roles as to use it to build an Agency benefiting from this.

      All the best going forward

      • Thanks a lot! We will do an LTD with SaasZilla for our Landing page product after we make the blog page builder more mature. For team members and user roles, we will speed up it so that agencies can use it.

        • When you do an LTD for the Landing Page Builder, will it be easy to redeem in the same account as the Blog Page Builder?

        • With a Tier 5 purchase, it would be nice to have the Landing Page Builder included.

          Please reconsider for at least Tier 5.


          • I am very sorry that Tier 5 is so generous and I can not bundle the landing page builder now. And we are focusing on Blog Builder now.

    27. Can domains be a sub domain of our own domain that we host elsewhere (setting sub domain to point to your hosting).

      If not will you add this to your roadmap?


    28. I understand that in tier 1 we get only one language. Is there a way we can set that language. I only need 1 blog in Spanish. How do I set up the blog and create the AI content in Spanish?

      • Hi,
        In our current release, you can translate to Spanish in your site. So you have 1 English blog and 1 Spanish blog. We are working to improve the product so that you can use Spanish UI and create a Spanish blog directly.

    29. Thanks for previous answers. I have few more to ask if you don’t mind

      1. I see three products in your website : blog builder, landing page builder and seo tools. Is this Saaszilla deal only for the blog builder or it already covers everything?

      2. Can you give 5-10 examples of websites made using your platform?

      3. What is the hosting you use? Is it AWS hosted?

      4. Please elaborate on the 15 languages available for translation and please explain about the “translation credit” – how it works and how it will cost us.

      • 1. I see three products in your website : blog builder, landing page builder and seo tools. Is this Saaszilla deal only for the blog builder or it already covers everything?
        – Only blog builder is in this LTD. SEO tools are free tools for any user.

        2. Can you give 5-10 examples of websites made using your platform?
        – 1)https://quickcreator.io/myblog.
        2) https://kyligence.io/plp/
        I will give more after getting approval from our customers.
        3. We are using AWS.
        4. The 15 languages are: German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Traditional Chinese.
        Each translation will cost 1 credit.

          • Clarification on AI Credits please.

            Is an AI blog post 1 credit?
            I see that 1 translation = 1 credit.
            So if on Tier 3 and only publish translated blogs does that mean that max blogs = 75, unless I buy more credits or 150 and I always need to buy translation credits?

            When would a tier 5 user need to buy additional credits? Translations?

            Can you confirm that we do not need to add our OpenAI key?

          • For RTL, we will do some research and update in FAQ. For Hebrew, it is not in our recent plan. I will update the community on more language support in the future.

    30. Hey 👋 Congratulations on the launch. Is your builder based on another ad management landing page builder as I find them near identical?

      Also are you affiliated with qpchat.com as it beared a similar branding and design language?

      When are Team members and Workspaces will be supported as this is very important for this software niche?

      • Hi,
        Thanks a lot!
        Our builder is totally designed and implemented by ourselves. For qpchat.com, we will take a look at it.
        For team management, I will update Saaszilla users when we fix the plan.

    31. Hi, can use custom domain for Tier 1 and Tier 2? If not, how is the subdomain will look like? For Tier 1, if we want to create one language website but it is not in English, is it possible? How about the AI credit for articles, how much will it cost if we want to add more credits for that certain month? Thanks.

      • Yes, you can configure the customer domain through CNAME for Tier 1 and Tier 2. In the current version, Quick Creator supports translating to 15 other languages. So it is possible to use on Non-English site. If you want more pages than the tier for a given month, the deal page list cost for every additional page.

    32. Very interesting concept and deal terms. I’ve been looking for this kind of tools. Few questions please:

      1. Funding $1.5m I can’t find any information about this. Any links? Who’s your investor if possible to disclose?

      2. Who are your teams? No clear info on the website and LinkedIn.

      3. Is this an exclusive deal only at Saaszilla?

      4. Are you based in the US or Beijing?

      5. Is there any kind of “limits” to your AI tokens that you’re providing for us in this deal?

      6. Is there embed capabilities in your website? Please elaborate if possible. What are the customization tools available?

      7. Is there integration with Pabbly or Albato? Pabbly is a must these days.

      • Thanks a lot for your questions.
        1. We do not plan to disclose our funding information.
        2. We are a team have 11 guys. I don’t know why my LinkedIn profile can not be seen by others. My Twitter account is @ztyan
        3. Of course, it is an exclusive deal only at Saaszilla .
        4. Our technical guys are in Beijing and registered our company in US. We also have a guy in Philippines.
        5. For each tier, we limit AI-generated blog pages. For each blog page, up to 3000 words.
        6. Users can embed image, video, and iframe to blog page. The blog page is block based like notion. And we will add more blocks in the future.
        7. Pabbly is not supported yet, but we can add it to our roadmp.

    1. Avatar

      Manh Linh (verified buyer)

      I tried creating 2 articles, creating a blog using AI is quite good.
      – There should be entries that can be written yourself, but it should not be required to use AI
      – Creating your own links to other external websites is not recommended because you will accidentally link to many competitor websites, or have poor content.
      – Paragraphs written by AI are still fragmentary and not connected to each other.

    2. Avatar

      Mel Bedggood (verified buyer)

      I love this tool and will probably upgrade a tier as it’s something I use for myself and clients with the use of ChatGPT+. I’m not someone who writes a lot of reviews on tools either, but I think this one is a winner.

      There are a few things I’d love to see come:

      – ability to change the status of blogs so I can tell what I’ve published on my WordPress site.
      – ability to organise these in folders
      – the ability to add a content outline straight in that I have to start writing.

    3. Avatar

      Nguyen Van Anh (verified buyer)

      After purchasing the Tier 2 version to explore the features and quality of the software. I found the software to be great, the quality of the blog posts was very high, even when I translated the article content into many other languages. I bought Tier 5 immediately and will never worry about the content of future articles in any fields again.

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