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More business opportunities with this integrated CRM for your connections
LeadDelta lifetime deal

Time to leverage those professional connections from the past, but after all that time, remembering the
simplest data could be an odyssey. (“0K, CTRL+F don’t fail me now. Was his name Pat… or Pet… or Pit…?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way of organizing your social media contacts in a CRM view, so you can leverage those connections?

LeadDelta" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">LeadDelta


Gain control of your professional/social networking with zero spam, ads and distractions
Manage your business social contacts as an integrated CRM with tags, notes, filters, and more
Best for

Entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and companies of any size that want to seamlessly organize and manage their connections


LinkedIn, Zapier, Pabbly Connect

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LeadDelta is a tool that converts your professional social media contacts into an advanced organized CRM tool free of ads and distractions

LeadDelta’s Table-view (CRM) allows you to organize your Linkedin connections book in a clean way. Without ads, spam, or distractions.

Thanks to its one-click functionality, you will be able to automatically import, Sync & update your Linkedin connections.

With LeadDelta you will also access advanced CRM functionality such as custom views, tags, notes, sorting & search, in bulk follow/unfollow, and more.

Leaddelta CRM view
Enhance your professional contacts book with advanced CRM features like shortening, tagging, and more!

Send personalized messages to multiple contacts at a time at scale with basic placeholders and useful templates.

With Group message, you can convey your message to a very targeted group of connections with little fuss: Tag, filter, select, and send. It is that easy.

Save & reuse your templates even outside of LeadDelta.

LeadDelta 3 - Messages Templates
Send personalized messages to multiple contacts at a time at scale with basic placeholders and useful templates.

The Smart Inbox contains all the tools you need to save time and stay on top of your most important conversations.

Open the LeadDelta’s Side-panel to find and add notes/tags and valuable information about your connection while chatting.

Use Tags, Pin, Star and set Reminders for your most important conversations. Never again miss that important chat.

Leaddelta CRM view
Its Smart Inbox helps to focus on top-quality networking by adding extra value (pinned chats, notes, tags, reminders...)

Networking is challenging enough without adding extra work such as remembering every detail of every person you have spoken to. (“Is Mae the name of his wife, daughter, or cat?”)

LeapDelta takes the best part of your online connections book and provides you with all the tools to stay on top of it.

Level up your networking.

Get Lifetime access to LeadDelta today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to LeadDelta
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Integrated CRM view with custom tags and notes
  • Sync your latest connections
  • Auto and Manual Data update (email, phone)
  • Hide or Disconnect connections in Bulk
  • View & export data (.CSV)
  • Group Messages
  • Quick Message Templates
  • Smart Inbox & Sales Navigator Inbox
  • Pin, Star and Filter Messages
  • Filter, Sort & Search Connections & Companies
  • Build workflow reminders
  • Integrations: Zapier, Pabbly Connect Webhooks & API Key
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    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
    • Unlimited Contacts
    • Unlimited Syncs
    • Unlimited Cloud Storage

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