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Tier Upgrade/Downgrade

Unlike codes, licenses License tiers offer founders a simple way of presenting a better structured deal while removing the need of code stacking - which means you can upgrade/downgrade your tiered plan to what works best for you.

Please note that upgrading or downgrading license tiers is only possible as long as the deal is running. Once a deal has "sold out" of the SaasZilla store, you won't be able to upgrade/downgrade your license tier plan anymore, as there are no additional licensing tiers available for sale.

Disclaimer: SaasZilla deals may end at any time without prior notice.

Why should I upgrade/downgrade my license?#

After purchasing a tier, you might find yourself in the situation where you want to upgrade/downgrade your license tier for accessing a different level of features.

Upgrading your license tier will increase the variable features of the plan, as listed on the product's deal page. On the other hand, downgrading your license will decrease the variable features of the plan.

How much is the difference of upgrading between tiers?#

When upgrading between tiers, you just need to make up the current difference at checkout. Let's see this with a particular example:

Let's pretend that you bought Product A's Tier 1 (actual offer at $69) and you want to upgrade to a Tier 3 of the same product (actual offer at $199).

Since your objective Tier 3 current's offer at checkout is $199, and Tier 1 current's offer at checkout is $69, the difference to cover between tiers is $130 (resulting from the calculation of $199 - $69 = $130).

The price has changed since I bought my tier. What now?#

Nothing changes. The actual difference between the tiers at checkout at the time of the upgrade is all that matters.

If you bought your current license level at a discounted price because of a special offer, or because the tier simply went up in price afterwards, you're lucky.
When it comes to upgrading licenses, your license tier hasn't lost value at all, on the contrary, it has gone up until it matches the current license tier offer.

To be clear: You don't have to pay for the difference between the previous cost of your current license tier and the current license tier. The latter is taken into account during the upgrade.

If you upgrade your license level now, you'll only have to cover for the actual difference in cost between the license levels.
Please note that in this case you'll need to contact our support team so that we can help you compensate for the actual difference between the license levels.

The same applies to the value of your target tier: it doesn't matter if it was offered at a different price at the time of your previous purchase, if the old offer has already expired, you'll have to use the current checkout offer for the calculations.

As you can see, it's always best to purchase the highest possible tier earlier and downgrade if needed to ensure you always get the most savings possible!

How do I upgrade/downgrade my license? #

Downgrading your license tier (step-to-step):#

Since you have already paid an amount that exceeds the cost of a lower license tier, downgrading your license is easy. The best way of doing this is by contacting our support directly. We'll assist you on converting and refunding the difference between license tiers.

Upgrading your license tier (step-to-step): #

When upgrading your license tier, you need to cover the price difference between the two tier plans (the currently purchased tier and the desired tier).

When upgrading your tier plan, we recommend that you request a refund in SaasZilla Credits from your account. This way we can credit your SaasZilla account according to the value of your current tier. SaasZilla Credits can be used directly as a payment method in our store. Unlike a refund (where your purchase is directly canceled without you having a chance to restore it), when you convert your current purchase into SaasZilla Credits you keep the current checkout value of the tier for the upgrade process (regardless of what you paid in the past when you received a reduced price) and don't have to wait for the payment processor to refund you (by then the deal might even be over).

Note that this is also the best way to secure your new license level, because we always take into account the upgrade/downgrade request time by giving you some time even if the deal is actually already over.

The whole process for upgrading your license tier is

  1. Login into your SaasZilla account.
  2. Acces your "orders" in your account. From there, request a refund in SaasZilla Credits for your actual license tier so you can use them on your new upgrade purchase (please provide a brief explanation on the refund reason textbox, so we can have a better understanding of your situation).
  3. Once you get your SaasZilla Credits, you'll be notified by email, so you can use them as partial payment for your license tier upgrade.

PS: If the "Ask for a refund" button is inactive (your refund period has expired) but the tier you want to buy is still on sale, please contact us directly so we can handle it from there.

Visit our related documentation section to learn more about how SaasZilla Credits work.

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