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One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

Reach the top of Google with SEO content research and optimization strategies for organic growth
Strell lifetime dealStrell lifetime deal
Starting at $59
9 customer reviews
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You put your whole heart and soul into a piece of content, spending hours writing and crafting it. Only to find that it ranks on the 10th page of Google, where no one can find it. (“Plays Don’t Cry by Guns N’ Roses”).

You also want to benefit from all the free organic traffic that comes from ranking high in the search engines, but learning and applying all those dynamic SEO rules and concepts that change with every Google algorithm update feels like a full-time job.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to know exactly what Google wants to see in your content in order to rank it?

Say hello to Strell


Automatically analyzes and transforms hundreds of data points from top search results into ready-to-use personalized ranking recommendations
Optimize your existing content with NLP insights that instantly improve your terms and content structure
Avoid endless research and guesswork: Save on research time with the AI content brief and find all the relevant data in one place. Easily understand what works for your competitors and utilize specific recommendations to enhance your performance in record time
The LCKR automatically identifies the easiest keywords to rank on Google, allowing you to take immediate action without needing any special SEO technical knowledge
Best for

SEOs, digital marketers, agencies and business owners who want to write SEO-optimized content to rank better on Google


WordPress, Google Search Console

Alternative to

SurferSEO, MarketMuse, Clearscope, Lowfruits (LCKWR)


GDPR-compliant, AI, Team members, Agency reports

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Strell is a keyword research and content optimization platform that helps SEOs and content marketers to research, write and optimize content to grow their organic search traffic.

All Strell needs to get started with your content audit is the keyword you’re targeting and the URL of your published content. Strell will use its algorithm to scan and process the top 20 articles in search engine results and provide you with the key factors that helped them to get to the top.

Then it compares the results to your published article to find out where your content is lacking and how it should be improved. After that, you’ll get a detailed and easily digestible report that includes all the analysis and recommendations so you can make the necessary improvements.

Understand where your content stands or impress your customers with actionable insights. What sounds like hours of work is done in one click with Strell.

And that’s not all!  Each keyword is also given a relevance score so you can decide which keywords to include or remove from your article.

Strell offers advanced functionality for managing your SEO data. You can easily filter the results to narrow down the analysis and recommendations that are most relevant to for your specific niche or target audience.

Strell AuditStrell Audit
Audit any content on the web and get an actionable report with just one click
Strell’s Content Editor provides an extensive array of features, including support for 40+ languages and over 1000 cities and countries.
Thanks to Strell’s clean and minimalistic AI-driven content editor, you can write perfectly optimized content every time, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Let the AI do all the hard work and present you with all the research information you need. From the structure of your content to the number of words in each section, Strell has it all for you.

Create a complete outline by including the headings and sub-headings of your competitors and never run out of topics.

The keywords section recommends keywords and topics you can cover. Strell’s unique algorithm is able to find more relevant keywords than most competitors on the market. It also integrates Natural Language Processing (NLP) content optimization so you can include to make your content more comprehensive for Google and your readers. Sending the right signals to Google has never been easier.

Strell Content EditorStrell Content Editor
Write perfectly optimized content every time thanks to Strell's unique algorithm

And if that’s not enough to get you to the top of Google rankings, how about finding the easiest keywords to rank for, too?

With Strell’s new Low Competition Keyword Research (LCKR), you can quickly find the top 10 spots on low authority websites, Quora, Reddit, and forums.

You can import your own keyword reports for SERP analysis.

Keyword Report comes with an inbuilt Search Volume and Supports 60+ languages and 190+ locations!

Real-time SERP Analysis fetches PAA questions and related searches for each keyword you analyze.

The clustering feature helps you to group similar intent keywords based on SERP Similarity.

Be ready to dominate and rank on those terms in no time (1-2 weeks).

Ranking on Google is now a game of kids thanks to Strell's Low Competition Keyword Research

No one likes to spend days doing research or trial-and-error, hoping to optimize content as best as possible for search engines, especially when you’ve no idea what else is missing. (Google, are you listening? I promise you I’ll be a better person if these changes help me rank this time, please).

Data and research for search engines has never been easier than with Strell. Strell uncovers your competitors’ tactics and offers actionable suggestions to help you create content that resonates with your audience and ranks well.

Start mastering the search results.

Get Lifetime access to Strell today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to Strell
  • All future Starter (Tier 1), Basic (Tier 2), Pro (Tier 3) or Growth (Tier 4) Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Previous SaasZilla customers who purchased Strell in the past, can upgrade their license to increase their feature limits
  • Ability to upgrade between 4 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 4 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Content Audit
  • Content Editor
  • Low Competition Keyword Research (LCKR)
  • NLP optimization
  • Filtering, sorting and lists creation
  • Import your own list to analyze
  • Keyword Clustering
  • Analyze niche SERP competition
  • Share collaborative access (read/edit) to LCKR, Audits and Editor reports
  • Competitor SERP analysis
  • All on-page factors compared for Audit
  • This Deal is Sold Out
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    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Reach the top of Google with SEO content research and optimization strategies for organic growth
    9 customer reviews
    Starting at $59
    View plan details

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
    $59   |$1530 
  • All features above included
  • 30 Audit/Content credits (per month)
  • 30 LCKR Reports (per month)
  • 5,000 LCKR SERP Analysis credits (per month)
  • 1 user
  • Sold Out

    License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $119   |$3120 
  • All features above included
  • 80 Audit/Content credits (per month)
  • 60 LCKR Reports (per month)
  • 10,000 LCKR SERP Analysis credits (per month)
  • 3 users
  • Sold Out

    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Sold Out

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    First post from founder
    Product FAQs
    First post from founder

    Hey, awesome SaasZilla community!

    This is Abhishek from Strell 👋

    Welcome to this comprehensive resource on Strell. With all the crucial details presented here, you will be well-equipped to make an informed decision!

    🔍 Who’s behind Strell?

    We are a team of 7 people who combine Niche SEO expertise and software development. We’ve been working on Strell for the past 1.5 years, creating 3 products: Audit, Content Editor, and LCKR (Low competition keyword research tool). In the last year, over 1000 users joined us and conducted more than 10,000 Audits/Editors and 5000+ weak keyword reports.

    🚀 Why use Strell?

    Finding easily rankable keywords is challenging, and manually analyzing them is time-consuming. Decoding this information for your team can also be a headache.

    Additionally, ensuring your content is well-optimized for SEO with NLP terms, proper length, and accurate keyword densities adds to the complexity. Strell simplifies and streamlines these tasks, empowering you with superpowers to dominate your niche. LCKR helps you discover weak keywords, Content Editor assists in writing NLP-optimized content at scale, and Audit optimizes your existing content.

    💡 How to use Strell’s SEO workflow?

    To find easy keywords and write SEO content at scale, follow this workflow:

    1. Enter keywords or topics in the LCKR tool to discover a large pool of Google auto-suggested keywords using 200+ modifiers.
    2. Analyze the keywords, identify weak ones compared to MOZ data, and explore low-authority websites, PAA questions, and related queries in your niche.
    3. Use Content Editor to run a query and receive a super accurate guideline for writing optimized content that satisfies users and Google.
    4. Utilize the Audit feature to optimize your existing articles for your main keyword.

    🌟 How is Strell different from others?

    Strell stands out with its:

    1. Unrivaled emphasis on QUALITY, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. More on this here – Notion Doc
    2. Multilingual Proficiency, supporting multiple languages, and constantly improving language support based on user feedback.
    3. Embracing NLP, understanding language nuances and variations for enhanced content creation.
    4. Pinnacle of Draft Mode, offering valuable content optimization recommendations for SEO-friendly and engaging content.

    🔒 Can I get unlimited options?

    For higher tiers, we offer unlimited Audit/Content editor options. Moreover, you can generate unlimited keyword reports using the LCKR tool.

    Product FAQs

    How the credit system works?

    Credits only apply to each time you trigger Strell’s “calculations” by requesting it on your dashboard. Once you get the results for your query, you can reuse all the content Strells offers in it as many times as you want (this includes all NLP content, competitive insights, actionable suggestions, unlimited content editor editions, etc.)

    There’s a “Hard Refresh” option that allows you to pull out all the calculations again if you need/want to (which logically triggers the “calculations” again).

    In the different tiers of this deal from Strell you’ll receive a different number of monthly credits (renews every month, don’t roll-over). We recommend that you choose the amount that best suits your use case.

    What LC (LCKWR) is?

    LCKWR refers to Low Competition Keyword Research, and it is the new feature that Strells has developed. The feature is a Lowfruits app competition and the limits on credits are indicated on each tier.

    Questions & Reviews​

    Please log in to ask a question.

    42 comments on "Strell"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. Hi there — Where can we access the latest updates and current priorities? The Facebook group appears to be a bit quiet at the moment. It has only been a month, so there’s no need to be concerned yet. However, I would appreciate an update so that we can stay informed about upcoming features. This will help me effectively manage my budget and avoid the need to implement additional tools for enhancing my organic growth strategies, as your platform already encompasses many features in its current form.

      • Hello, the changelog is added to the relevant links that we usually add on the “pinned section” below the pricing tables.
        Besides that, feel free to use their Facebook community where they are more accessible.

    2. Hmm, well, I bought Tier Four (or thought I did). But ended up with four tier 1s, and it won’t let me add the other codes. Can anybody help with this?

      • Please, ping our support so we can take a look at your case and help you with the license tiers in case you didn’t already. Cheers!

      • + 1

        Although it has been on the roadmap for a while, it seems that it is currently not being actively maintained. Given that GSC Integration has already been rolled out last month, and shows in progress but changelog does reflect the roll out and I see it live when I log in.

    3. hi

      regarding you thinking of adding ai writing facility,

      if software finds keyword clusters and user gives some keywords to use then ai can craft some article that includes the parameters given by the user eg keywords to use , clusters to write around ect.

      • Hello Wiz,

        We are looking to create a Content workflow from where you can generate articles from clusters.

        This will be available when we launch AI writer.

      • You will find real weak keywords that can be ranked without much domain authority. So it helps you rank quickly – gain organic traffic and build niche authority.

    4. hi , i take a strell license tier 1, there is no risk if tomorrow, strell launch a new updates like search console integration, will i have always the same advantages? i will have search console?

    5. Hi!
      How to fetch a volume for PAA keywords? Your competitor Low Fruits have this function for free (free volume fetching for PAA keywords). Could you please add this function to Strell update?


      • We have that on the roadmap 🙂

        You can expect that soon.

        For now, you can export them and add them using Import keywords function.

      • We’re actively working on it, and it’s proving to be a bit of a puzzle! 😅
        Rest assured, it’s part of our plan, and we’ll do our best to complete it as soon as possible. 😊🚀

    6. Do you plan on adding any ai writing features since you already have the data like one click article writer or something similar that is perfectly SEO optimised

      • Hello Jovin,

        We are looking to potentially create something similar in the upcoming months. However, our immediate focus is on refining the existing features and creating impeccable tools from what we already possess.

        • hi

          regarding you thinking of adding ai writing facility,

          if software finds keyword clusters and user gives some keywords to use then ai can craft some article that includes the parameters given by the user eg keywords to use , clusters to write around ect.

    7. Hi there,

      Just looking at your Strell and it looks interesting. You says that it a LowFruit competitor. What is your first Tier equivalent to where Lowfruits is concerned? What exactly does Audit/Content credits (per month) mean because on Lowfruits they just do Credits


      • Hi Lionel,

        I’d like to bring to your attention the current pricing structure of Lowfruits. They are currently offering a package at $60 for a one-time purchase that includes 5000 credits.

        On the other hand, Strell’s LTD tier 1 plan offers a monthly allocation of 4000 SERP credits that renew every month. Strell not only serves as a low-competition keyword research tool but also excels as an on-page SEO optimization tool. This package encompasses two additional products: Audit and Content Editor. These supplementary tools are designed to facilitate your on-page SEO enhancement.

        To clarify the credit distribution, we offer two types of credits:

        1. Credits for Audit/Content Editor.
        2. Credits for Keyword reports and SERP Analysis, specifically for the LCKR feature.

        If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    8. Why is your platform so buggy? It seems that you are doing LTD from last year… What is your plan for MRR and how last will the LTD last?

      Are you planning to add backlink tracking, rank tracker and team feature to manage credits for every feature?

      • Hey, thanks for your comment.

        I’m not going to address specific product questions, but I’d like to state that ALL software, without exception, eventually present bugs. This is an indisputable reality.
        You even get bugs in software like Facebook which has sold a small % of its property for Billions. If you get bugs in something like that one which is supposed to be mature and with unlimited resources, imagine any Lifetime deal software which is constantly developed.

        I personally don’t have any significant complaints about the tool (no major functionality problems on my end and those reported have been already taken care of).

        Having said that, the only viable method to enhance the development process and eliminate bugs on any software is by users to reaching out to support and help identify bugs.
        It’s also important to understand that some of the bugs you mention may be unique to a certain user profile like yours due to a specific workflow, system, browser cache, etc. That’s why it’s basically impossible to depurate something you cannot identify if noone is reporting them trough the proper channels. Please, contact support so they can fix whatever your issue is 😉

        As a general note, I’d recommend considering lifetime deals as a win-win situation. You secure a bargain at a one-time price, while the developer benefits from more than just a reduced payment. If this were not the case, only SaaS subscription models would make sense for everyone (customers and developers).

        BTW, I was taking a look at YOUR own business website (from your registered email domain with us), and I found that it has a fatal 503 error that says “This page isn’t working right (your domain) can’t currently handle this request.”
        You might want to take a look at that one quickly 😀

        PS: I just pinged the founder so he can reply your comment.

      • If you have encountered any specific issues, kindly share them with us through the feedback option available in the tool. Our team will promptly investigate and resolve them as soon as possible.

        We will have a share credits feature for the LCKR feature soon 🙂

        This LTD will be closing in the next few weeks.

    9. Hi Abhishek,
      I tried to reach out to you guys a couple of times, but there was no response. This is the worst support I have ever received. The entire platform is full of bugs, and even the small issues take a lot of time to be resolved. Some features have been in development for a very long time. No update.

      Can you please tell me why this is?

      • Hello,

        First and foremost, I apologize for not being available to address your concerns promptly. We have experienced a sudden surge in customer inquiries recently, which has led to delays in our response times. However, we are actively working to scale up our support team and improve our response rate. Please rest assured that your concerns will not go unnoticed, and we will make it a priority to address them.

        Please share your email ID and we will look into support queries and get back to you.

        We were focused on developing our newest most awaited “Low Competition Keyword Research” so we haven’t been updating minor issues. Once we launch it this week, we will be solving other issues.

    10. Hi Abhishek,

      your tool, looking quite interesting 👍
      Do you have an ETA for the 4 features that are in progress in your roadmap?
      Those are very important for me.
      What additional feature you will offer with the GSC integration? Is there a kind of suggest score of “low hanging fruits” where Strell could advise me for content to rank higher?
      For example I rank for a keyword on rank 23 and have a CTR of 80%, means that this keyword, respectively that content, is interesting for the visitors. So It would make sense to optimize the content to rank higher. (hope it was correct explained) 😁

      • Hi Gieri,

        In addition to overhauling the entire Content Editor and Audit UI-UX to provide a smooth experience, we are now focusing on low competition keyword research. There will also be numerous feature additions.

        As soon as this is finished, further things from the roadmap will be completed.

        We will have system where we audit posts ranking from 8-20 automatically and show you suggestions – so you can better optimize them.

    1. NerdZilla

      NerdZilla (verified buyer)

      Strell is one of my favorite SEO tools right now! Highly-recommended for both experts and beginners!

      Initially, I was only interested in in the LCKW Research feature. But the Audit and Content Editor features are also very useful and suprisingly impressive!

      The platform is organized and easy to learn. And it generates reports and output at good speeds.

      However, I had to deduct one (1) star because of their slow response on email. My issue was resolved and Strell is now working without issues. But I wish they could respond faster on their support channels. I almost requested for a refund because of this.

      Still, a great product at this stage. But even better if they add Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) and All-in-Title features! 🙂

    2. NerdZilla

      NerdZilla (verified buyer)

      Strell is one of my favorite SEO tools right now! Highly-recommended for both experts and beginners!

      Initially, I was only interested in in the LCKW Research feature. But the Audit and Content Editor features are also very useful and suprisingly impressive!

      The platform is organized and easy to learn. And it generates reports and output at good speeds.

      However, I had to deduct one (1) star because of their slow response on email. My issue was resolved and Strell is now working without issues. But I wish they could respond faster on their support channels. I almost requested for a refund because of this.

    3. Avatar

      anonDino (verified buyer)

      I have been actively using the platform since October and feel fortunate to have obtained a license. While I am still learning about SEO, Strell has been very helpful in guiding my efforts. When it comes to SEO, the platform provides great value by reducing the need for guesswork and saving me from trial-and-error methods. Sharing reports with experienced SEO professionals has confirmed the quality of the results, highlighting the importance of tailoring search queries into Strell by emulating the target audience.

      Some issues mentioned in older reviews still exist, but they are not significant enough for me to decrease my rating, especially since we are still in the beta phase. Despite the glitches, recent improvements have reduced random logouts and platform hang-ups. I have learned to deal with these problems by trying again later, usually after a few hours or the next day. Exporting data sets to Excel for offline work has been a great solution due to the extensive data processing happening in the background.

      The user interface needs to be improved to enhance navigation between modules and screens during keyword analysis. However, by planning ahead, I have been able to minimize the need to switch between different parts of the app. This has helped to reduce any potential glitches that arise, my guess is due to the large amount of data being retrieved.

      The platform’s value in simplifying SEO processes and providing accurate results is undeniable.

      As the platform progresses through its beta phase, I am excited about upcoming improvements that will surely enhance its value as a tool for SEO research and content optimization. Despite some minor issues and room for improvement, my overall positive experience with Strell makes me confident in recommending it to those new to SEO or looking for a data driven tool.

    4. Avatar

      OTD (verified buyer)

      Very poor support…

      This is currently the only product I bought from Saaszilla. Strell has great potential, which is why I gave up on Surfer SEO. However, Strell still has many bugs, and what worries me is their slow support response time. It usually takes several days to get a reply for a single issue. I really hope the team can be more proactive.

    5. Avatar

      gieri (verified buyer)

      Awesome content creating and audit tool. 👌
      Very intuitive to use, and the keyword research feature is the cherry on top to find niches where you can rank.

      Also, the developer team and founder behind are very responsive, which is a good sign for me.
      Strell is definitely a tool which you shouldn’t miss ☝️

    6. Avatar

      Anil Agrawal (verified buyer)

      I purchased Strell during their first launch almost a year ago. I was impressed by their two youtube videos granted maybe because I was a newbie in SEO and SEO optimization field and their content editor and audit tool at the time looked very interesting.

      They went through a period where we weren’t sure of what they were developing. But for some reason I felt they were honest and hard working team and deserved our patience. That patience paid off when they came out with their awesome feature called Low Competition Keyword Research (LCKR) tool. Bang! Yes, there were some kinks in the beginning but they continued to listen to all the feedback on users experiences, suggestions, bug reports and I believe by now the tool is in pretty good shape.

      Below, I am listing a brief summary of their features set based on my review video I did back in early June 2023 (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YnsIlpttYI). Since then, it’s been 4+ months by now and probably deserves an updated video review as they cam out with several enhancements.

      1. Comprehensive Content Optimization: Strell provides an audit tool that allows users to analyze and optimize existing content for better SEO rankings. Whether you’re looking to polish a published post or conduct an in-depth analysis of a specific page, Strell’s audit tool offers valuable insights.

      2. Real-Time SEO Analysis: The content editor feature enables users to write and edit content while receiving real-time SEO scores and analysis. This feature allows writers to optimize their content for better search engine visibility, ensuring optimal results.

      3. Multi-Language Support: Strell supports over 40 languages, making it a useful tool for users worldwide. They have also recently expanded their language library, indicating their commitment to providing support for even more languages in the future.

      4. NLP Based Algorithm: Strell’s NLP-based algorithm enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of their tools, providing users with reliable recommendations to improve their content.

      5. Suitable for Various Users: Strell caters to a wide range of professionals, including SEO experts, marketers, agency and affiliate marketers, copywriters, and freelancers. Regardless of your specific role, Strell offers valuable tools to enhance your content strategy.

      6. Informative Resources: Strell’s YouTube channel offers informative videos that serve as a valuable resource for beginners and experienced users alike. These videos provide an excellent starting point for those looking to optimize their content effectively.

      7. Low Competition Keyword Research (LCKR): Last but not least, their LCKR tool is the most used and interesting feature to me. I must admit that I am still learning, not because of any lack of tool UI/UX but mostly due to my own lack of experience with keword research experience in general.

      Overall, Strell is an impressive content optimization tool that offers valuable features for individuals and businesses seeking to improve their organic growth. The platform’s audit and content editor tools deliver actionable insights to optimize existing content effectively. With its recent addition of a low competition keyword research (LCKR) tool, Strell further enhances its value proposition.

      I have no hesitation in recommending them based on my experience so far. Give it a shot and you might be (pleasantly) surprised 😉 Cheers!

    7. Avatar

      Jonathan Tansky (verified buyer)

      I like it a lot – easy to use and now that the Facebook group is getting more engagement from the developers, there are lots of good tips. I started with Tier 2 and upgraded because it’s got some unique features.

      • Abhishek_Strell


        Glad to know 😃 Thanks.

        Going to push major updates soon as our tech team is now in place to handle bigger tasks.

        Thanks for your patience.

    8. Abhishek_Strell


      Thank you for your feedback and support! We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the site being down previously, but we’re glad to hear that the issue has been resolved and you haven’t encountered it again.

      We’re thrilled to hear that you’re loving our new feature, LCKR (LowFruits Alternative)! The visual green dots for easy-to-rank keywords are designed to make keyword identification more intuitive and user-friendly. We understand that there may still be some results that are not as relevant, but we’re constantly working to improve the tool’s accuracy.

      We assure you that LCKR is still in its beta phase, and we are committed to making it even better. We’re continuously iterating and implementing improvements based on user feedback and needs. Our goal is to create a tool that surpasses your expectations and provides a competitive edge in keyword research, surpassing even established alternatives.

      We’re grateful for your early adoption and belief in our tool’s potential. With your continued support, we’re confident that Strell and LCKR will continue to evolve and deliver exceptional results.

      Thank you once again for your valuable feedback, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations in the future!

    9. Avatar

      Trevor Robinson (verified buyer)

      What a shame this product turned out to be. For starters, the site has been down 3x over the last two days, with little to no communication or update from the team via email or in their Facebook Group. When I initially activated the product, the product wouldn’t work and just glitched out with no results. I sent a Loom to the team and they said they’d look into it and update me…I heard nothing since then.

      When the product worked, it was great (despite it glitching and not producing results on searches randomly). My hunch is that it’s a small team and they’re trying to add on new features without having a foundation set. They really need better communication and realistic timelines as well.

      Unfortunately, I will have to refund Tier 2 and search for an alternative due to the unreliability of the product.

    Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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