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Split payments alternative

While we don't currently have a separate native system for split, partial payments, or installments within SaasZilla, we've got some existing options that are already covering most users. Please continue reading for more information on these alternatives.

Built-in PayPal's "Pay Later" option#

If your PayPal account is from one of the pre-selected countries, PayPal provides the built-in "Pay Later" option used for split payments within their own payment processor system. If you belong to one of the selected countries, and meet their requirements, you'll automatically have access to the "Pay Later" button during the checkout process.

PayPal Pay Later option button

If during our checkout process, you cannot find the "Pay Later" button as a payment option, then your PayPal account doesn't meet PayPal's requirements for their split payments system.

Split Payment-like Workarounds#

We always recommend keeping it simple and securing the lowest possible stack for our deals before they are over. Still, our system is flexible in terms of the number of codes you can get each time, and you can also get a lower license tier that you can upgrade later. That way, you can have a very similar experience to split payments if that's what you are looking for.

Below an example on how this works with codes and license tiers:

License tiers:

Suppose you want to get a license tier 5 (max tier) of one of our deals, but right now it suits you to pay an amount more like license tier 4.
Since the price difference between the license levels offers a smaller gap than if you buy license tier 5 directly now, we recommend you to get and use license tier 4 first and upgrade to license tier 5 later by simply covering the difference.

Learn more about upgrading/downgrading your SaaS Zilla License Tier.


Let's say you want to upgrade one of our deals to a total of 6 codes (max stack), but you can only afford 4 codes right now.
You could buy and use those 4 codes first, and later (while the deal is live) get the other 2 codes for the total 6 codes you want.

As you can see, in each of the situations described, you'll have a similar experience to split payments.

Please note that upgrading or downgrading license tiers is only possible as long as the deal is running. Once a deal has "sold out" of the SaasZilla store, you won't be able to upgrade/downgrade your license tier plan, nor get more codes, as there are no additional licensing tiers nor codes available for sale. (disclaimer: deals can end at any time without prior notice).

Not the solution you are looking for?

Please check other articles or open a support ticket.


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