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The screen recorder that automatically enhances your videos with captions and captivating effects as if by magic
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Are you tired of spending endless hours editing your screen recordings to achieve that sleek, professional look?

FocuSee transforms your basic screen captures into polished, engaging videos with zero hassle.

With FocuSee, you simply record your screen, selfie, and voiceover in the usual way, and watch as it automatically tracks your cursor, injects smooth zoom transitions, add captions and lays down a stylish background.

It’s like having a professional editor at your fingertips, ready to save you precious time and effort!

Ready to elevate your video content with ease?

Say hello to FocuSee


Automatically track cursor movement, apply dynamic zoom and click effects, add a pleasant background, and generate a professional-looking video/gif that is ready to use
Make your videos not just informative, but interactive with in-video quizzes, forms, and call-to-action buttons to generate leads or get feedback more efficiently
Best for

It’s designed for Indie Hackers, small startup teams, designers, trainers and content creators who want to save time while creating engaging video content


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Alternative to

Screen studio, Tella, Loom, Camtasia, OBS Studio




FocusSee is a screen recorder that automatically tracks cursor movement, applies dynamic zoom and click effects, adds a pleasant background, and generates professional-looking videos/GIFs that are ready to use.

FocuSee aims to make your life easier by helping you save money and time.

Whether you lack video editing skills or want to avoid spending a fortune on hiring professionals to create simple tutorial, promo, sales, and product demo videos, FocuSee allows you to achieve a professionally edited result by simply recording your screen as you normally would.

FocuSee automatically adds pan & zoom effects that follow cursor movements so your viewers don’t lose focus on the details.

It will also automatically generate captions, saving you a lot of time.

But it doesn’t end there! Take your recordings to the next level with one-click frames, layouts, backgrounds, filters, and more!

Focusee options
FocuSee brings auto-edition to your videos with a set of useful features.

FocusSee offers multiple export and sharing options.

Choose from preset aspect ratios for different platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

All animations and effects will be automatically adjusted for the best experience.

You can also Instantly share your video via a link or embed it on your website.

FocuSee provides preset aspect ratios for different platforms and allows you to export videos up to 4K or as high-quality GIFs.

Ready to enhance interactivity for your video content?

With FocuSee, you can easily add quizzes, forms, and call-to-action buttons to your videos.

This allows you to generate more leads, customize content for a personalized user experience and gain valuable insights and track viewer engagement.

By integrating these interactive elements, you can significantly increase audience participation and drive higher conversion rates!

Focusee - interactive video elements
FocuSee support in-video quizzes, forms, and call-to-action buttons to engage your audience even further.

No matter if you are a Windows or Mac user, you can easily make personalized adjustments:

✔️Highlight focal points with Spotlight to draw your audience’s attention. 🔦

✔️Choose from different selfie and screen layouts: side-by-side, overlay, or screen-only.

✔️Select from 8 mouse cursor styles and 3 button click effects to match your video’s style. 👆🖱️

✔️Customize the background, rounded corners, shadow, inset, and padding to your liking. 🎨✏️ 👉

And much more…

Focusee Win and Mac
Available for both Mac & Windows users.

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of FocuSee and revolutionize the way you create videos.

Say goodbye to the tedium of post-production and hello to more time crafting your message, connecting with your audience, and growing your brand.

With FocuSee, professional quality is just a click away.

Start your journey towards effortless, captivating video content.

Get Free access to FocuSee today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Free access to FocuSee
  • All future FocuSee v1 Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • Obviously, freebies require no payment or refund, just grab it now before it's gone!
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • 1 device (Win/Mac)
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    15 customer reviews
  • All features above included
  • 1 device (Win/Mac)
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    First post from the team
    First post from the team

    Hey Zillas, glad to meet you! 🥳

    We are excited to announce our partnership with SaasZilla for a special deal, which includes unlimited FREE perpetual access to FocuSee v1 🎁

    To make post-production easier, smoother, and as convenient as possible for non-professionals, we created the FocuSee. It is designed for small startup teams, designers, trainers, and content creators.

    🚀  What can you do with FocuSee?

    Its user-friendly interface allows for the easy creation of captivating demos/tutorials/promo/launch/pitch/sales videos without manual editing. With FocuSee, you can effortlessly create professional-looking videos in minutes, effectively capturing your audience’s attention and saving precious hours and extra effort on video editing.

    ⭐ How does FocuSee work?

    – Simply record your screen with FocuSee’s three screen recording modes: full screen, custom portion, or a specific window. 

    – After recording, your video will automatically have zooming effects applied. Customize your video by changing the mouse styles, adding click effects, choosing a background, and more.

    – Export your video as an MP4, GIF, or shareable link, and even add in-video quizzes to enhance audience engagement.

    We plan this FREE deal to last 3 days but it is also limited in units, grab this deal before it’s gone! Feel free to have a try on FocuSee and let me know your feedback on it!

    Questions & Reviews​

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    19 comments on "FocuSee"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

      • Hello,

        If you’re encountering any issue redeeming your license code as per the provided instructions, appologies.

        Please be aware that this is not a support thread.

        The license codes we deliver after your checkout are all directly provided by our partners, so they all should be correct.

        If you are confident that you have entered the correct code (copy-paste without extra spaces in front or back of the license), but you are still unable to redeem it or if the display is showing incorrect information, it is possible that there is a temporary issue with our partner’s system (it may not detect the license code or may simply have an incorrect display).

        As we don’t have access to their system, we cannot resolve this situation for you. Please contact their support channels directly, and they will assist you. Thanks

      • Hello,

        If you’re encountering any issue redeeming your license code as per the provided instructions, appologies.

        Please be aware that this is not a support thread.

        The license codes we deliver after your checkout are all directly provided by our partners, so they all should be correct.

        If you are confident that you have entered the correct code (copy-paste without extra spaces in front or back of the license), but you are still unable to redeem it or if the display is showing incorrect information, it is possible that there is a temporary issue with our partner’s system (it may not detect the license code or may simply have an incorrect display).

        As we don’t have access to their system, we cannot resolve this situation for you. Please contact their support channels directly, and they will assist you. Thanks

    1. I often change my devices, I started using the software on a computer, but if I don’t use them anymore, how to change them? Just log in to the other one and disable the previous device would that work?

      • Hi, that’s odd, considering we have over 600 installations and you are the only one to mention this. Our users are tech-savvy, so they understand what an antivirus is. You can even see how when analyzing it with virustotal, the well-known tool, it passes the security check with flying colors: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0b0683fe479a5abaf993eb41fd17ef1121963fe128025602fd1c50a5162017ec/detection
        Note that Norton sometimes gives false positives (as any anti-virus since there’s no perfect software); you should contact Norton support if you want to use this app with confidence. If not, that’s okay—you’re not obligated to install something that you don’t feel is secure.

      • Hi there!
        We always put the information about updates and plans on the “Plans and Features” section, which you can find on top of the pricing tables. You’ll see that this deal offers what’s traditionally called a “perpetual license” for the current version of the app. Kindly check there.

          • To make this perfectly clear, this is not a trial but a full version of a desktop app with perpetual access while receiving updates for the current version.

            Many software applications, such as CAD and Design Software, Video and Music Editing Software, follow this licensing model, requiring payment for future versions of the app after they are released.

            As a result of this gift, you can enjoy version 1 of the app indefinitely as a courtesy from the developers, without any obligation to pay or upgrade.

            If you decide in the future that you want or need to upgrade to a newer version, that choice is entirely up to you, and the team has confirmed that you will still have access to download the version they are currently offering.

            I hope this explanation clears up any confusion.

          • Hello,

            You can use free activation code to enjoy a lifetime access to FocuSee version 1 as well as all its features. We are doing this giveaway to increase awareness of FocuSee and gather more valuable feedback and use cases to better shape FocuSee. We are working hard on building a mature FocuSee, so there will be some updates to version 2, 3, etc. in the future.

            You can now grab FocuSee version 1 for free, if you want to access future updates with more powerful features in the future, you can choose to pay for the upgrade. The choice is yours.

            I hope everything is clear now!:)

    1. Avatar

      Ixchel Gomez (verified buyer)

      I haven’t recorded a YouTube video in almost 2 years. It just drained my energy trying to edit, animate and prepare my video for uploading to YouTube! It took too much time — then life got in the way —- so I figured I could put a pause on it.

      Now with THIS app!!!! Wow!!! At first I was hesitant on installing another program on my Mac, but I gave it a shot anyway. I am so glad I did!

      I did a quick 3 minute video and was BLOWN AWAY! It was amazing to the animation and “fanciness” automated for me right from the start! I think I have a new crush with this program. I have not explored all of the options it has but I am REALLY LOVING IT SO FAR!!!!!

      Thank you,
      Code Queen

      • Kai_SaasZilla

        Kai_SaasZilla (verified buyer)

        We’re thrilled to hear that our deal’s app has rekindled your passion for content creation! It’s wonderful to know it’s helping you streamline the process, as we completely understand how time-consuming editing and animating can be. Keep exploring all the features, and the team is there if you need any assistance. Happy creating!

    2. Avatar

      MD EMAM HASAN (verified buyer)

      Thanks and great tool

    3. Avatar

      wiz (verified buyer)

      whilst the app has good functionality it hogs gpu resources even when idle , also just going to the focusee website uses gpu resources , this is when not in video mode, just idling. Shame as I would l;ike to use it but there is a serious problem with it. Just visiting their website or having focusee open but idle, not even selected which recording mode, should not use this much resources, it is not a bit coin miner !! 5 stars if it was not for this

      • Kai_SaasZilla

        Kai_SaasZilla (verified buyer)

        Hello, thank you for your valuable input. Desktop applications can be complex due to various factors like multiple different operating systems and versions, installed software, and different processors. Fortunately, Focusee’s team is knowledgeable about most of these factors, and with your assistance as users, they can identify even more to enhance the application further. Remember to always reach out to the tool’s support team for assistance. Cheers!

    4. Avatar

      Renjith Asokan (verified buyer)

      super products

    5. Avatar

      evgeniy (verified buyer)

      It’s a amazing software!
      Unfortunately, it’s a problem that you have to add it to antivirus exclusions (Norton), but I think new versions will fix this.
      It would also be nice to add the ability to create subtitles in Ukrainian, as Whisper’s basic model supports this language.
      In terms of other suggestions, I would like to place the camera video and watermark freely in any location.
      Nevertheless, I think that the Gemoo team has given us a good opportunity to use this version for a long time.

    6. Avatar

      Devis Sandri (verified buyer)

      Great!!! I don’t like installing software but when a tool performs so well it is worth it. I haven’t explored all the features yet but for basic ones it’s fast and easy, you create videos in no time

    7. Avatar

      Mia Khalifa (verified buyer)

      Thanks Admin

    8. Avatar

      cegapul (verified buyer)

      What’s there not to like about this product? It’s a winner! Not sure how much they should price it but I’d figure it’s worth $59 at least. This is a big FU to Berrycast and Appsumo.

      • Kai_SaasZilla

        Kai_SaasZilla (verified buyer)

        Happy to see you are linking it. I hope it help you to achieve great things! 💪

    9. Avatar

      afediq (verified buyer)

      Surprisingly good for something so easy to install. I’m making this my default sharing screen recorder. Thank you, Saaszilla!

      • Kai_SaasZilla

        Kai_SaasZilla (verified buyer)

        I’m glad you are lvoing it already. Enjoy it! 🙌

    10. Avatar

      Dinofi P. Egefepejija (verified buyer)

      I am not the most tech-savvy and a lot of LTD’s I buy sit on the shelf until I really need to figure them out. But with this one, I was off to the races immediately. So easy to use; makes you look like a superstar with no effort; and I can think of so many applications. I’m very grateful to the Focusee team for making this nifty little tool!

    11. Avatar

      Devil Vai (verified buyer)

      Wow that’s really cool, I’m getting 70$ software for free

    12. Avatar

      Estiyak Ahmed (verified buyer)

      Good Product

    13. Avatar

      [email protected] (verified buyer)

      Все заебись, спасибо pepper

    14. Avatar

      rakesh patel (verified buyer)

      Just to say, I got this thanks to this offer. What a great way to get people on board! I played around with it and loved it. It’s sleek, with some really crisp animations which keep you focused on the demo. I really would like to make demos on applications first for myself, and then also for others on social media. With so many applications, it’s really hard to remember how to do simple tasks. For example, recently I wanted to figure out how to create a blurry effect to make portrait videos into landscape videos on Davinci studios. I went on YouTube to find out and had to fast-forward through a lot of videos until I found what I needed. Now, I may not need to do this again for money, by which time I’ll forget how it was done. So, something like this really helps to record my actions so I can quickly complete actions in less time. Everyone should really test this application. It’s really great, and I think it works a lot better than some similar apps out there. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves. I’m a new fan! I did notice a little thing though when testing. Is it possible for the style settings to be saved? As it becomes repetitive and tedious to reset the parameters constantly. Apart from that, a really great product!

    15. Avatar

      Ivan (verified buyer)

      Innovative screen recording software! And you can’t beat the price 🙂

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