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Lifetime Deal

10x your LinkedIn Audience with AI-powered content, carousels and scheduling
Dottypost Lifetime Deal
Starting at $69
13 customer reviews
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

Creating engaging LinkedIn content can feel like a never-ending cycle of writer’s block and dull posts. You stare at the blinking cursor, hoping it will write for you…

But you know consistently posting high-quality content is key to building your professional presence and growing your audience on LinkedIn.

Imagine a tool that could help you generate captivating LinkedIn posts and carousels. It lets you access thousands of proven viral templates. And schedule posts to your LinkedIn profile with one click.

Make way for Dottypost


Create engaging LinkedIn posts and carousels with 10,000+ proven viral templates and AI (powered by GPT-4)
Generate eye-catching LinkedIn carousels from any blog post, YouTube video, or a given topic. One click 👉 done.
Best for

LinkedIn experts, consultants, founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, content creators, or any professionals who are seeking to build a strong LinkedIn presence.



Alternative to

Taplio, Supergrow


AI, team-members, workspaces

How others are using it
  • LinkedIn Professionals: Take your content strategy to the next level. Generate eye-catching posts and carousels that get noticed, making your brand a star on the platform.
  • Founders and Entrepreneurs: Turn your brilliant ideas into visually stunning LinkedIn content in a flash. Build your authority without sacrificing precious startup hours.
  • Marketers, Influencers, and Content Creators: Transform your thoughts into polished, pre-scheduled posts. Keep your audience hooked and your calendar overflowing with fresh content.
  • LinkedIn Newbies, Professionals, and Freelancers: Make every post a winner with an access to a vault of viral content inspiration.
  • Social Media Managers: Juggle multiple LinkedIn accounts in style. Create and schedule content that resonates with your client’s audience, all from one user-friendly dashboard.


DottyPost is an AI-driven LinkedIn content creation and scheduling tool that helps you build your brand, save time, and consistently engage your audience.

Are you tired of “good enough” LinkedIn posts that disappear into the abyss?

DottyPost helps you craft show-stopping posts that people will actually want to read (and remember!) in 100+ languages!

Create content from trending blogs, turn YouTube videos and shorts into polished content, or leverage AI-powered templates that write like a thought leader.

DottyPost makes creating engaging content easy as ABC.

Dottypost lifetime deal 2 - Post from source
Ditch boring LinkedIn posts and create content that gets noticed with DottyPost's easy-to-use tools

Take any blog post, article, YouTube video, or random idea and turn it into a stunning carousel in minutes. No design skills needed!

Just pick a topic, feed it to the AI, and BAM! You’ve got a ready-to-roll carousel that looks amazing. You may customize it to match your brand, and then post it straight from DottyPost.

Start creating eye-catching content that gets results, the easy way.

Dottypost lifetime deal 1 - Carousel
Turn blogs, videos, or even random ideas into awesome LinkedIn carousels in minutes – no design skills needed!

Running out of ideas? DottyPost has your back with a massive library of 10,000+ viral posts to jumpstart your brain.

Find inspiration for different angles, bookmark your favorites, and use their templates to turn those viral gems into personalized LinkedIn gold.

Keep your content fresh and exciting with a never-ending stream of ideas so you can craft posts that captivate your audience and drive results, all based on proven, successful frameworks.

Dottypost lifetime deal 3 - 10,000+ viral posts
Find endless content inspiration and create posts that get noticed with DottyPost's library of 10,000+ viral post templates.

Feeling the pressure to keep your LinkedIn profile active? DottyPost can help!

Schedule your posts and carousels in advance with just a few clicks, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence without the daily scramble.

Furthermore, you can do all this on multiple accounts from a single dashboard. Whether it’s your clients’ personal profiles or company pages, this tool makes it a breeze to manage them all in one place.

Use the Auto plug comment feature to take your LinkedIn engagement to the next level!

Dottypost lifetime deal 4 - Content scheduling on LinkedIn with auto plug comment
Keep your LinkedIn game strong and save time with DottyPost's easy scheduling for posts, carousels, and multiple accounts.

And you don’t have why to make it all by yourself.

Whether if you are a small team wanting to delegate or an agency looking to manage your customers’ LinkedIn accounts, Dottypost includes workspaces, team seats and/or customer seats (with granular control) so you don’t miss a chance to expand your business.

It means you can easily decide who gets to see and do what, making collaboration a breeze.

And the best part? It’s all about helping you grow your LinkedIn accounts faster than ever.

So, ready to make your LinkedIn management a whole lot smoother and more fun?

Dottypost lifetime deal 5 - Worspaces and teams with languages
Easily handle numerous accounts, extend invitations to your team members or clients, and maintain optimum organization with minimal effort.

Creating awesome LinkedIn content every day feels like a never-ending marathon (without the cool medal at the end). But don’t worry – you don’t need to resort to cat memes to keep your audience interested!

Let DottyPost be your content creation sidekick! It’ll help you whip up stunning LinkedIn posts and carousels in minutes. Plus, you get a massive inspiration library, scheduling tools, and the ability to manage multiple accounts – all designed to boost your LinkedIn presence.

Ditch the content creation struggle and grow your audience with ease!

Get Lifetime access to Dottypost today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to Dottypost
  • All future Starter (Tier 1), Pro (Tier 2) or Team (Tier 3+) Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade between 5 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 5 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • One-click AI Carousel (20+ design templates)
  • GPT-4 powered
  • 100+ languages
  • 100+ Viral post templates
  • Topic based post creation
  • Supports LinkedIn personal accounts and LinkedIn company pages
  • 1-click scheduler
  • Starting at $69
    Lifetime Deal
    View plans
    13 customer reviews

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
    $69   |$1115 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • 30 AI credits
  • 1 LinkedIn profile
  • 1 LinkedIn Company Page
  • 1 user
  • 1 workspace
  • AI Carousel creator
  • License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $149   |$1980 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Unlimited AI credits
  • 1 LinkedIn profile
  • 1 LinkedIn Company Page
  • 2 users
  • 1 workspace
  • AI Carousel creator
  • Content from external sources (Shorts, YouTube, Blog)
  • Content curation with AI
  • Auto plug comment
  • 1-click “auto pilot” content planner (ETA April)
  • Analytics (Coming soon)
  • One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
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    Ankit Vekariya

    Ankit Vekariya

    All Posts
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    1. First post from founder
    2. Company and product FAQs
    1. First post from founder

    Hello Zillas, nice to meet you all ❤️

    👋I’m Ankit, Founder of Dottypost

    Super happy to share that we’re launching our LTD with SaasZilla community and we are very excited about this!

    Why we built Dottypost? What’s the story?

    In 2022, I started writing content on LinkedIn. I planned to build a brand around AI Tools & SaaS. However, the task of creating content was overly cumbersome and achieving consistency seemed nearly impossible. Having tested the existing tools on the market, I discovered that they are either expensive or do not fully meet the intended purpose.

    In 2023, I launched Dottypost with a clear objective: to assist business owners, marketers, and professionals in growing their audience on LinkedIn. This way, they can avoid spending excessive unnecessary time on content creation or feeling discouraged along the way.

    Why do you need Dottypost?

    LinkedIn brand building is essential in this age of AI. Once you build an audience, it stays with you. And there are tons of ways you can make money out of it. 

    But the challenge is – consistency.

    Coming up with content ideas every day is very challenging. Same as generating a carousel takes 5-6 hours of time, writing quality content takes about 2-3 hours if not more. Doing this every day is HARD. Dottypost assists you with all these tasks so you don’t waste time and can get quality content from different sources, such as YouTube, Shorts, Blogs, and Topics.

    What are the capabilities of Dottypost?

    • Create posts from YouTube videos, shorts, blogs and topics
    • Create a carousel from YouTube videos, shorts, blogs, and topics
    • Leverage viral post templates and ready-made carousel templates
    • Leverage viral post library using AI
    • Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts
    • Manage multiple company pages
    • Manage multiple clients and teammates

    Is DottyPost offering anything different from services like Supergrow or Taplio?

    We are dedicated to bringing innovation to our industry and stand out in several aspects when compared to our competitors:

    In comparison to Supergrow, DottyPost offers:

    • One-click AI Carousel creation
    • Company pages
    • Granular access control for additional seats

    Unlike Taplio, DottyPost provides:

    • Workspaces
    • Multiple LinkedIn accounts
    • Post templates

    I hope this makes you want to give DottyPost a good try. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team, we’ll be happy to help.

    Please share any questions you may have in the comments section below. If you decide to take advantage of our special lifetime deal offer, we hope you find DottyPost beneficial!

    2. Company and product FAQs

    When was your company founded & where is it located?

    July 2023, Delhi India

    Where is your customer data stored?

    AWS – USA

    What is your team size?

    4 full-time members. Me as the founder, 2 developers and a designer.

    Are you funded or bootstrapped?


    What 3rd party tools is your product critically dependent on?

    LinkedIN APIs and OpenAI, Assembly AI for audio transcription

    How many customers do you have today?

    3000+ users

    How many words can one AI credit generate?

    For max simplicity, a credit is equal to a whole post or carousel generation

    Questions & Reviews​

    Please log in to ask a question.

    17 comments on "Dottypost"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. Hi!
      Two questions:
      1. Are the viral post templates regularly updated, I mean, is the collection of post inspiration and viral 10.000 posts always updated? And if so, how often does it update?
      2. And do we get access to Post Inspiration section in TIer1 or just TIer2 and above?

      Best regards,

    2. I’m absolutely thrilled with the performance of DottyPost! It’s been an absolute game-changer, significantly speeding up my content generation process while perfectly serving its intended purpose. I couldn’t be happier with its functionality!

      Moreover, I’m eagerly anticipating future updates, especially features like expanded canvas formatting options for added customization, as well as a one-click content calendar with customizable settings. With these enhancements on the horizon, I’m confident that DottyPost will continue to exceed expectations and remain an indispensable tool in my digital arsenal.

    3. I bought Dottypost in hopes of having something that would streamline my production on LinkedIn. But in the end I was surprised. It’s much more than that. It helps me get off the whiteboard and come up with new ideas. Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to the updates.

      • Thanks Luiz, I’m glad you like it ❤️

        We plan to build more features in upcoming releases so you can elevate your LinkedIn game efficiently, saving tons of time.


    4. Hi. Looks like Dottypost is an awesome product. And I have 2 questions that I would need you to answer clearly:

      1. Do you plan to launch on Appsumo or other LTD Marketplaces later?
      2. If you do, would the future LTD price be higher or lower than the current price?

      The reason I asked was because I had a bad experience before. I bought a product from SaasZilla, but later found the same product on Appsumo for a much lower price. If the same thing happens with Dottypost, then, then there’s no point to buy now. It’s better to wait.

      • Dear Max, Sorry for any confusion caused by this matter.

        Not every deal we launch leads to another lifetime deal later on. However, EVERY SINGLE product featured on an AppSumo deal has turned out to be more expensive and with fewer benefits compared to SaasZilla deals.

        This is evident in Sessions, Dropppin, LeadDelta, and any other deals appearing on AppSumo at considerably higher prices and/or less advantages.

        Any of our partners compromises to launch at SaasZilla at the best possible deal with the lowest possible price to sell at higher prices in the future (if ever happen). Finding the same product later at a lower price on AppSumo is not allowed as it goes against partners’ agreements.

        I imagine you are mentioning this because of the recent launch of Conduit AI. This has its explanation; there have been feature updates since launch, but plan descriptions haven’t been updated with those (custom branding, whitelabel, sub-accounts, etc). That’s why once the plans reflect all the current features will keep being more advantageous for buyers compared to their recent AppSumo deal.

        I am overseeing this deal and had a brief leave causing delays in response time. The deal page will be updated very soon, and Conduit AI buyers will be informed by email.

        We are addressing the issue actively. As an example of what you can expect, our deal top tier includes unlimited sub-accounts for the top tier, while AppSumo offers only 30, a significant difference. There are more details that you’ll be able to read on your email as a buyer (or by checking the deal page in the next few days). Thanks for your patience as we resolve this.

        UPDATE: We have already updated the deal page with all the changes and sent an email to all Conduit AI deal buyers. Please check your inbox and don’t hesitate to contact our support via email in case of any doubts or concenrs.


      • Hi Lupix
        Currently, Dottypost is not GDPR compliant, but please know that we already have this in our roadmap.

        Ensuring the privacy and security of our users’ data is a top priority for us, and we are committed to achieving compliance. We value your trust and are dedicated to updating our processes and policies to align with GDPR requirements!

        Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work on this important aspect of our service.

    5. Hey,

      Will it generate longform content for “Newsletter” feature ( and schedule it too), and more lengthy posts? (If yes, can we control this with minimum words requirement/request?)

      Or this tool is only intended for short form posts?


      • In the current version, the tool creates a standard LinkedIn post, not the article/newsletter format. We may include this in our roadmap for future releases based on user requests.

    6. Hello,

      I have some questions:

      1. Is it possible to alter the typefaces within the carousel, and what variety of design choices are available?
      2. Are there plans to introduce additional design templates for carousels in the future?
      3. Does your platform feature a public roadmap for upcoming updates and features?
      4. What are the next features or updates planned for Dottypost?
      5. If I subscribe to either Tier 1 or 2 for a single profile, can I later switch this profile to a different account if necessary?

      • Hi Magicman 😀 Thank you for the questions.

        Please find answers below:
        1 – Typeface option, and font size option will be LIVE in upcoming releases.

        2 – Yes, more carousel design templates will be available on all LTD plans.

        3 – Please check the public roadmap here – https://dottypost.canny.io/

        4 – We plan to build a lot more features. Please check our roadmap to learn more.

        5 – In Tier-1 or Tier-2 plan, you can connect 1 LinkedIn profile and 1 company page and yes, you can change the profile later.

        Hope this helps!

      • Hi Mark,
        This is from the founder:
        “One hack is that after you post content, you add additional comment on your post so that it comes again in user’s feed. This helps you get more impression for your post.
        So auto plug comment feature allows you to add comment on your post automatically after some interval. Helps you save time and get more visibility.”
        As far as I know, you schedule both the post and the comment and both go live automatically.
        I hope that helps

    1. Avatar

      Zilla-582wc (verified buyer)

      I’ve been exploring this platform and I’m genuinely impressed with its offerings. The user interface is sleek, making navigation a breeze. What really stands out is its comprehensive suite of features, including some innovative ones they’ve rolled out recently.

      The carasoul design is restricted.

      The possibility for the AI to suggest the best template would be helpful or present 3-4 options that are best suited for the output.

    2. isaac wong

      isaac wong (verified buyer)

      A good product.

      1. Easy to use
      2. Powerful database for templates
      3. Smooth UI

      I use Dottypost to completely handle my Linkedin profile.

      Some cons:

      1. The carousel design is a little bit restricted as you can’t change style.
      2. The Shorts to post sometimes give irrelevant content.

      I hope the team can optimise it.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Hi Isaac – thanks for the review!
        I’m glad that you’re using Dottypost for LinkedIn.

        We’re constantly updating the tool and making it more useful than ever. In the upcoming releases, we plan to elevate the Carousel designs with more flexibility such as font style, font size and much more.

        Stay tuned!

    3. Avatar

      Gaurav Mehrotra (verified buyer)

      I have been using a very popular competitor for a long time and suffice to say – after taking the tier 3 license ( as I immediately saw the value there) I have stopped my subscription.

      The ability to handle multiple profiles through workspaces is definitely a plus for an Agency like mine. The posts that I generated and the templates are at par with what I have experienced. Off course adding your personal touch and editing is always required and should be done.

      The option to use your own template is a good feature, however, I felt that we should be able to save our templates to for future usage.

      Tried the Carousels, which came up great, however still to try posts from blogs and YouTube.

      Overall I feel it’s great software, the product roadmap looks promising as well looking forward to the Autopilot feature.

      Also if we can save and make a list of our favorite content creators and check their posts it would be a good addition as well as the ability to post comments on posts.

      In all it feels like a solid piece of technology where a lot of work has gone behind designing and developing the feature set.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Hi Gaurav – thanks for using Dottypost ❤️ and sharing feedback.

        We just shipped some features super quickly, and “save custom templates” is one of them as you suggested.

        Soon we’ll release a lot more powerful features on top. We plan to make Dottypost a go-to platform for the LinkedIn audience-building journey.


        • Avatar

          Gaurav Mehrotra (verified buyer)

          Thanks DottyPost and Ankit – Saving our custom templates is very handy feature and I am excited that you could bring it so early.
          Quick question – will these custom templates be available across my license/workspaces or each workspace will have different custom saves

          • Ankit Vekariya

            Ankit Vekariya

            Each workspace will have its own custom-saved templates.

    4. Avatar

      Tom Harty (verified buyer)

      My impressions jumped by 200+% the day I started using it. I’m getting more follower requests, more impressions, and more interactions for both myself and company. There is a little bit of a learning curve to the handling of it – just slightly not intuitive and some of the templates have to be tweaked after being generated with your content idea to fully convey what you’re trying to, but greatly speeds up linkedin interactions and is well worth it.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thats great to hear Tom! We’d love to have your LinkedIn profile for a case study to showcase how Dottypost can help in LinkedIn audience building.

        Hoping to inspire more folks and why they should switch to content creation tools like Dotty. Cheers mate!

    5. Avatar

      Mark Draper (verified buyer)

      This looks like a very promising deal, I like what I’ve seen so far. Decent UI, good feature set and new features recently released.

      I’ve done a video overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBTIzh010K4

      Good range of templates, like the ability to easily make carousels (and there is already a good selection of styles for those) and there are some great discovery tools to get inspiration for your posts.

      So far I’ve found the output is decent, and you can modify it before posting (which the platform can do for you, no need to copy/paste to LinkedIn).

      Really this deal starts at tier 2, especially as it has the same number of profiles and it seems odd that tier 2 doesn’t come with additional profiles. I’d have expected T2 to have at least a couple of profiles included.

      If you’ve missed out on previous tools to help grow your LinkedIn profile, this is one to check out, excited to see what future updates bring.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thanks Mark ❤️ for the video review! Loved it.

        I’m glad you found carousel templates useful. The tool is constantly evolving and you’ll see more carousel designs that are “”Intuitive”, “Elegant” and “Eye-catching”!!

        Keep posting on LinkedIn, mate!

    6. Avatar

      Oskar Sällström (verified buyer)

      I really like the utility of this tool, it offers great limits, lots of premade templates and carousels which is a nice feature.

      I do wish for the design to be updated, would just be nicer on the eyes. Its intuative and useful now, but feels oldschool.

      While some templates are great and work, some does not get intepreted by GPT properly, and the output can be a bit weird.

      Overall, a lot of promise and usefulness already. But can need a few tweaks here and there, and wouldnt mind a design overhaul eventually.

      Would recommend it!

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Hey Oskar,
        Happy that you like pre-made templates for posts and carousels.

        Design is our main priority – and we work super hard to make the user experience smooth. You’ll see some updates soon on overall Dashboard designs and Carousel designs.

        Our goal is to elevate the experience of the LinkedIn audience-building journey by providing an easy-to-use yet powerful platform.


    7. Avatar

      Jared Clemons (verified buyer)

      I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help me create engaging content and grow my LinkedIn presence. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Dottypost, a SaaS platform that has revolutionized the way I approach LinkedIn content creation.

      One of the standout features of Dottypost is its ability to generate personalized and appealing content that resonates with my target audience. Dottypost helps me craft posts that are highly relevant to my industry and niche.

      With Dottypost, I can easily create LinkedIn posts that my audience loves to read. The platform offers a wide range of customizable templates that allow me to write posts that sound authentic and human-like. Whether I want to share industry insights, personal anecdotes, or thought-provoking questions, Dottypost makes it easy to create content that sparks engagement and drives conversations.

      I recommend this tool.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thank you Jared so much for sharing your experience!

        I’m excited to hear that our platform has become a key part of your LinkedIn content strategy.

        Your insights on how Dottypost helps you create personalized and engaging content are invaluable to everyone.

        We’re committed to building the best AI tool that empowers you to connect authentically with your audience.

        Thank you for your recommendation, and we look forward to supporting your content creation journey!

    8. Avatar

      donnancoaching (verified buyer)


      I started using this a couple of days ago and have seen an increase in my views. I’m still getting used to the platform, but I see this software’s potential.

      I like the AI carousel feature. It has 20 templates to choose from. I entered a blog post, and it generated a stylish carousel within minutes.

      I also used it to create a post from YouTube and again in minutes to create a satisfactory post.

      I have always struggled with the structure of a LinkedIn post, and I must say that the templates give me inspiration. They can be modified to fit your content.

      It also saves your posts, which you can reuse or repurpose for future posts. I hope that templates for the coaching industry can be added at some point.

      I bought Tier 2 and found the additional features worth the investment.

      Overall, I’m happy with my decision to use this platform. It’s streamlined my social media workflow, saving me time and enhancing the quality of my content. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will continue to evolve and help grow my online presence.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thanks for your awesome feedback!

        I’m glad to hear you’re loving the AI carousel and seeing more views.

        Dottypost is all about saving you time and boosting your content’s impact.

        Excited to keep evolving with your suggestions, like adding more templates for the coaching industry.

        Your journey is our priority!

    9. Jesse

      Jesse (verified buyer)

      I enjoy working with templates, hoping Dottypostto continually adds more templates to them and a blend function through AI to generate diverse templates. The feature that allows for creating carousel images with just one click is super handy, and I’m eager to see it evolve further.
      I’ve tried various prompts (AIPRM or custom) and tools, but the text produced is too AI-like; text that starts from a template feels more human. With Dottypost, my post immediately got impressions I hadn’t seen before.
      I am looking forward to the ‘1-click “auto-pilot” content planner’ becoming available for quicker creation of quality tools. However, some UXs still need to be improved. Considering that this is a tool in development, it is hoped that they will listen to user feedback to improve the UX.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thanks for the valuable feedback, Jesse! Happy to see you’re enjoying our templates and carousel feature.

        We aim for a human touch in our content, so it’s great to hear you’re seeing better engagement with your posts.

        Rest assured, we’re excited about the ‘1-click content planner’ too and are on a mission to refine the UX based on your insights.

        Your voice is crucial in our journey to improve and innovate.

        Keep the feedback coming!

    10. Talha Tonmoy

      Talha Tonmoy (verified buyer)

      This tool is an amazing alternative to Supergrow. We opted for a team plan and are extremely satisfied with the output.

      The best part for me is the YouTube shorts, videos, and blog-to-LinkedIn content with the chosen template.

      Exploring more and more, we are incredibly happy to have this deal.

      For anyone looking to grow on LinkedIn, this is truly value for money.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Hi Talha – We’re excited to hear that Dottypost is hitting the mark for you, especially in comparison to other alternatives!

        It’s fantastic that the team plan is delivering great value and that you’re making the most of features like YouTube shorts and blog-to-LinkedIn content conversion.

        Your satisfaction and endorsement mean the world to us. ❤️

        Thank you for choosing Dottypost and for your recommendation. We’re excited to be part of your LinkedIn growth journey!

    11. Avatar

      Magicman (verified buyer)

      This tool is absolutely amazing! I’ve been searching high and low for affordable alternatives to the popular LinkedIn content tools out there, but everything I found was just too expensive. And while using ChatGPT might seem like a solution, it actually requires complex prompting to get the desired results.

      But now, with this tool, Dottypost, I can effortlessly transform my ideas into captivating posts thanks to its powerful GPT-4 engine. The carousel creator feature is simply exceptional. I’m eagerly looking forward to future enhancements to the carousel maker.

      The support provided is unparalleled; the founder is incredibly responsive and always ready to assist with any questions or issues. Considering the exciting roadmap ahead, I’m confident that this tool will become the go-to LinkedIn content tool in no time.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Hey Magicman – I’m glad to hear you’re loving the carousel creation feature!

        It’s one of our standout features, designed to turn any Topic, Blog or YouTube content into visually engaging and informative carousels with ease.

        We’re committed to making it even better, with more customization options and templates.

        Stay tuned for more innovative updates to help you create standout LinkedIn carousels that captivate your audience.


      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Hey Magicman – I’m glad to hear you’re loving the carousel creation feature!

        It’s one of our standout features, designed to turn any Topic, Blog or YouTube content into visually engaging and informative carousels with ease.

        We’re committed to making it even better, with more customization options and templates.

        Stay tuned for more innovative updates to help you create standout LinkedIn carousels that captivate your audience.


    12. Avatar

      SV Rao (verified buyer)

      As an IT company founder, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various LinkedIn AI tools, and I must say, DottyPost stands out as a game-changer in the realm of LinkedIn brand building. Its seamless integration of AI technology offers unparalleled utility for founders and startups aiming to strengthen their presence on the platform.

      One of the standout features of DottyPost is its ability to streamline content creation and distribution, allowing users to effortlessly engage with their audience while maintaining consistency in messaging. Whether it’s crafting compelling posts, scheduling content, or analyzing performance metrics, DottyPost excels in empowering users to optimize their LinkedIn strategy.

      Furthermore, DottyPost’s intuitive interface and customizable templates make it accessible to users of all skill levels, eliminating the need for extensive training or technical expertise. This accessibility factor is particularly beneficial for busy professionals who seek efficiency without compromising quality.

      For LinkedIn users, DottyPost offers a multitude of benefits. From increasing visibility and engagement to fostering meaningful connections with clients and prospects, this tool serves as an invaluable asset in maximizing the platform’s potential. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding startup, DottyPost is your ultimate ally in navigating the competitive terrain of LinkedIn with confidence and success.

      Lastly only suggestion which I can give is if there is improvement in Post Inspiration feature with more latest viral posts it would be more relevant.

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thank you for your kind words, Mr Rao! Glad to see that DottyPost is your choice for LinkedIn brand building and content creation.

        It’s great to hear that our platform aids in streamlining your content strategy, enhancing visibility, and fostering connections on LinkedIn.

        Your suggestion for the Post Inspiration feature is noted and much appreciated.

        We’re committed to continually improving to serve your needs better. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

    13. Avatar

      Choy Chan Mun (verified buyer)

      So far response service are good, requested a support for GPT-4 return error. But hope if it is a general issue affecting all, you may pre-alert customer.
      The user want to have transparency, it is not counting how many error it hit, but what is Dottypost reaction to the issue.

      Quick Pro and Cons
      1. Comparing other Linkedin content creation tools, this include Carousel
      2. Content with template, i am also currently using other content creation tools, but without template

      Cons or Consideration:
      Tier 1 should include feature Content from external sources (Shorts, YouTube, Blog) with limit of 30 AI credit within Tier 1

      The price between Tier 1 and 2 is a big gap, if you have something in the middle will attract more customer

      • Ankit Vekariya

        Ankit Vekariya

        Thank you for your feedback, Choy!

        Glad that you appreciate DottyPost’s unique carousel feature and our diverse content templates.

        Your input is crucial for our continuous improvement. Thank you for helping us grow!

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