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What is a license tier?

SaasZilla's license tiers are an alternative to the classic stackable codes. They are a more flexible, so founders can have a simpler and better way to structure and present their deal.

Unlike with codes, you don't need to stack your license tiers, but the core experience is the same: You find an exiting deal that you want to grab, choose the license tier that works best for you, and complete the checkout process. After that, you'll be able to redeem it with simple step-to-step instructions, so you can start enjoying it right away.

Many deals in our SaasZilla store are currently using licenses. You'll notice that when a product uses licenses, their deal's pricing table will display the word "license" or plans "License Tier X".

Q: Can I combine multiple tiers to create a higher tier?

A: This is not possible because tiers function much like water bottles. They are a whole by themselves:
Merging two 500cc water bottles together won't result in a 1-liter capacity, as each bottle is a complete entity on its own. Likewise, stacking different tiers does not create a higher-level tier. In order to obtain a specific tier, it must be acquired in its entirety.

Learn about  upgrading/downgrading your license here!

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