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One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

Turn your creative vision into reality with precise visual prompt guides for swiftly AI-images generation
PromptsGenii Lifetime DealPromptsGenii Lifetime Deal
Starting at $39
2 customer reviews
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

Crafting the perfect AI art prompt can often feel like playing a game of charades with a robot. You say “sunset,” but it hears is “sunburnt.”

You want to take full advantage of the AI art that is blooming  everywhere, but there’s a world of difference between what’s in your head and what ends up on the screen.

Even when you have the ideal model image as your inspiration, transforming it into your own can be a challenging journey of experimentation. Wasted time and AI credits just for ending with something far from ideal or even unusable.

Imagine a tool that serves as a bridge between your vision and the final artwork, turning your rough ideas into sharp images with ease. Is there a genie tool that can grant your digital art wishes with precise prompts?

Say hello to PromptsGenii


Transform your abstract ideas into stunning AI art with intuitive visual cues, ensuring your vision is captured accurately and creatively every time
Boost your AI art creativity – Design accurately and save time & AI credits
Explore a wide range of visual filters to enhance your creativity and create stunning AI art seamlessly
Best for

Digital artists, AI art hobbyists, graphic designers, content creators, marketing professionals, educators in creative fields, UI/UX designers, and anyone engaged in visual storytelling


ChatGPT’s DALL·E, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Bing Create, BlueWillow, Leonardo

Alternative to


Browser extension: Chromium, Firefox (coming soon), GDPR compliant


PromptsGenii is an AI prompt generator that streamlines your creative process by providing expertly crafted prompts, ensuring your art resonates with precision and flair.

Turn ‘I can’t explain it’ into ‘That’s just right!’. With PromptsGenii‘s massive image library and filters, finding the right style for your art is as simple as scrolling through your photo album.

The extensive library offers every image style you can imagine, from the classics to modern art. It’s like visiting an art gallery where each piece sparks ideas for your next work.

For example, in the ‘Techniques’ section, pick from 3D painting, calligraphy, CGI, and dozens of other options. Each comes with a visual guide to help you decide.

Just browse, select, and PromptsGenii will do the rest, fitting the perfect prompt to your vision. 

PromptsGenii is directly integrated into the interface of the AI apps you use, thanks to their browser extension. This means you don’t have to waste time going back and forth checking multiple resources from different sources!

With new categories and inspirations continually enriching the collection, finding the exact art style you need gets easier every day.

PromptsGenii ChatGPT DALL-EPromptsGenii ChatGPT DALL-E
The image library help users find the right keywords for their imagination, ideas, or layouts easily, all from the same interface.

PromptsGenii brings the art studio to you, without ever leaving your creative space.

The handy Chrome extension is like a silent muse, popping up as a sidebar within your favorite AI image generators—Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Bing Create, and more.

For instance, as you’re crafting images in ChatGPT, you can simultaneously peruse PromptsGenii’s extensive library, draw inspiration, and construct your ideal prompt without ever leaving the interface.

It’s like having a personal art assistant by your side, ensuring your creative session flows without disruption.

With PromptsGenii, inspiration and creation are just a sidebar away, no matter which image generator you want to use. It integrates seamlessly with any browser AI art generator, such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, and many more.

Prompts Genii - Sidebar details focusPrompts Genii - Sidebar details focus
Craft your AI art in your favorite AI tool while PromptsGenii's sidebar serves up inspiration and perfect prompts on the spot.”

Frustrated with square images when what you really need is a wide-aspect hero image or banner?

PromptsGenii is your solution, offering not just the freedom to choose your aspect ratio but a suite of other parameters as well.

From excluding specific elements with negative prompts to fine-tuning the tiniest details, the tool makes it effortless to craft the perfect prompt.

With PromptsGenii, you gain the precision to dictate every aspect of your AI-generated art, ensuring the output matches your exact needs every single time.

Prompts Genii Sidebar optionsPrompts Genii Sidebar options
PromptsGenii's suite of settings ensures your artwork is crafted to your exact specifications, making every pixel count.

Crafting the perfect AI art prompt can be as baffling as trying to explain social media to your grandma. (“So, these ‘hashtags’ are like bingo numbers, right?”).

With PromptsGenii, forget about staring at a blank canvas (chat bubble), scratching your head, and wondering where to start.

Think of it as a GPS for your creativity, offering visual hints, making art simple, and ensuring each piece is just what you pictured.

Unveil the true power of AI art generation turning your vision into stunning AI masterpieces.

Get Lifetime access to PromptsGenii today!

How others are using it
  • Interior Designers: Generating prompts to visualize room decor styles and furniture arrangements for client proposals.
  • Fashion Designers: Creating prompts for AI to generate new fashion concepts and textile patterns.
  • Marketers: Generating a series of brand-aligned images for social media campaigns and advertisements.
  • Writers: Generating book cover art prompts or scene illustrations to inspire writing or to use in self-publishing.
  • The Innovator: An entrepreneur uses Prompt Genii to quickly prototype product designs and marketing materials, saving on costs and time.
  • The Hobbyist: An art enthusiast uses the app to explore different art styles and techniques, enhancing their own skills and portfolio.
  • The Creator: A YouTuber creates unique thumbnail images and channel art, attracting more viewers with standout visuals.
  • The Social Media Manager: Uses the app to create a variety of themed content for different platforms, keeping feeds fresh and engaging.
  • The Brand Strategist: Develops a cohesive visual identity for brands across various media, ensuring consistency in marketing materials.

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to PromptsGenii
  • All future PromptsGenii Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade between 3 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 3 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Browser extension: Chromium, Firefox (coming soon)
  • Keywords with visual clues and filters
  • Advanced prompt parameters (aspect ratio, negative terms, etc)
  • Generation History Logs with CSV download
  • PromptsGenii

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Turn your creative vision into reality with precise visual prompt guides for swiftly AI-images generation
    2 customer reviews
    Starting at $39
    View plan details

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited prompt engineering
  • Unlimited access to Visual Filters
  • Digital Magazine access (Coming Soon)
  • Prompts Library access (Coming Soon)
  • 1 activation
  • License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $89|   $1520 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited prompt engineering
  • Unlimited access to Visual Filters
  • Digital Magazine access (Coming Soon)
  • Prompts Library access (Coming Soon)
  • 5 activations
  • License Tier 3
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited prompt engineering
  • Unlimited access to Visual Filters
  • Digital Magazine access (Coming Soon)
  • Prompts Library access (Coming Soon)
  • 20 activations
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    Umair Israr

    Umair Israr

    All Posts
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    All Posts
    Subscribe/Unsuscribe MECHANISM
    First post from founder
    Product FAQs
    First post from founder

    Hello Zilla-community, 🎉

    I’m Umair Israr, the Founder of PromptsGenii, and it’s a pleasure to meet all you creative minds! Today, I am thrilled to announce our partnership with SaaSZilla and share a game-changing opportunity with all of you – a Lifetime Deal Offer before we embark on our journey.

    💡 Why PromptsGenii?

    Struggling to find the perfect prompt? PromptsGenii provides organized keywords and visuals, making it easier to visualize your ideas and reducing the number of attempts needed to create your desired image.

    🐶 Is PromptsGenii an Image Generation Tool?

    No, we’re not just another image generator. PromptsGenii is packed with precisely curated keywords and visuals, tailored for digital creators. It helps you to save money on wasted generations (and their credits) and also time. Aavoid frustrations and back and forth by getting better accurate images in less tries. 

    Stay tuned for our upcoming updated curated Prompts Library and digital magazine.

    🌟 What Sets PromptsGenii Apart?

    Unlike other tools, PromptsGenii is a Chrome extension that opens as a sidebar directly on your website. Say goodbye to switching tabs – our seamless integration streamlines your creative workflow, saving you valuable time.

    Ready to transform your creative process? Get PromptsGenii today at SaasZilla! 🚀

    Have questions or feedback? Drop them below – our support team is here to assist you every step of the way! 😄



    Umair Israr

    Founder, PromptsGenii

    Product FAQs

    Is PromptsGenii for beginners or pros?

    If you are a pro, you’ll rely less on guesswork, avoid back-and-forth, and save credits on failed generations.
    If you are a beginner, you’ll finally be able to enter the AI art revolution and generate stunning, practical images for yourself or your business.
    PromptsGenii is indeed an useful tool for everyone who wants to avoid frustration while saving time and money on AI art generation.

    What’s considered an “activation”?

    Each license and its associated key can be activated on the maximum number of devices indicated in the pricing structure and used different devices (even if it is by different users like e.g. team mates). What counts is the total number of active devices at any moment, which won’t be able to exceed the specified limit of “activations” marked for your purchased plan. If you plan to grow in terms of users, we recommend to grab a higher tier to be on the safe side by covering future demands.

    What’s the “Digital Magazines”?

    The Magazine section is a curated collection of AI-generated images with prompts, updated monthly. The images come from the community, as well as some that we generate ourselves. It is designed both as a way to stay on top of what’s trending in AI art and as a source of inspiration.

    What’s the “Prompts Library”?

    It is a library that provides over 20,000 prompts with search features and is updated. It serves as inspiration, offering various ideas to help you generate your designs and prompts.

    Questions & Reviews​

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    23 comments on "PromptsGenii"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

    1. Hello,
      What do the activation limits mean?
      1 activation = 1 browser?
      Or 1 activation = 1 account (1 email) for unlimited browsers?

      • Hello,
        A single activation allows the tool to be active on one device at anytime.
        Although you have the option to switch between devices by disconnecting one to connect another, it is recommended to consider seizing the opportunity of this lifetime deal promotion.
        By doing so, you can avoid any future subscription fees by increasing the lifetime limit allowance for better convenience or to be prepared for future needs. Regards.

    2. I was about to install and try Promptsgenii until I saw this…

      “The extension can read and change ALL your data on ALL websites”

      Can you give us some peace of mind before we install the extension? 🙂

      • Really sorry for late response. Basically you don’t need to worry about that actually we are adding the sidebar on web page since you can open that sidebar on any page that’s why they say this extension can make any changes to your websites. We are not extracting or sending any data to our system even the API keys for AI models are locally stored on your system

      • Hello,
        Since it is a browser extension, it can be used in any possible website. It can also be docked to both sides of the screen, making it confortable to use it in virtually any website.
        Please, give it a try yourself and remember that not only the team behind will work to help you and accomodate your workflow and needs but also that you have a 60-day money back guarantee for your purchase!

    3. Things have been improving since my review. There is still work to do, but SassZilla and the dev are very available. I have a good feeling about Promptsgenii’s evolution.

    4. Hi,
      The Chrome addon doesn’t work at all, and only offers me to log out. I’ve contacted support , but I didn’t receive any answer. What should I do before refunding?

    5. saaszilla advertises a hassle free refund

      I have requested a refund for my promptsgenii purchase

      so why am I getting hassle

      why the delay, just refund please.

      • Hi, as per the logs your refun was processed within the same day in just hours. Note that we don’t process refunds automatically to keep track on those so we can closely monitor the quality of the tools and the teams behind it so everyone can benefit.

        I don’t think waiting a few hours for this is a hassle at all but if by removing these manual verifications while we reduce costs on support and manual work makes most users happy the short term, we might activate automatic instant refunds without supervision as other competitor sites offer. I don’t think it’s better for the user in the long term but I’m open to suggestions.

        • hi

          yes it was resolved not too long

          the confusion arose because there was a message that I needed to contact the vendor about the refund to get it processed and they did not offer good support.

      • This tool helps you create better images with fewer attempts while consuming fewer AI credits. It is not an AI image generator itself. You use it with your preferred AI image generators. Please refer to the text on our page for a better understanding of the tool.

    6. How can I use this on all my sites? It seems that I can use it only on certain sites. am I missing something? I have several ai photo generator. If I need to subscribe to chatgpt plus this will be a problem. what can we do about it?

      • This tool helps you create better images with fewer attempts while consuming fewer AI credits. and you can use it with your preferred AI image generators. Please contact the tool’s support if you think some of them need a better integration. They will help out.

    1. Avatar

      wiz (verified buyer)

      PromptsGenii has been updated so you need to try it out again.

      I purchased when it was not working well and refunded but now it has been updated so I leave an updated review.

      The app will now open on any webpage so you can see all the permutations of prompt building without having to be on a image generation site.

      It is the type of thing I need as I just can not remember the types and permutations and this app gives visual reminders and clues to attributes you will want in your images so need to put the attributes in your prompts.

    2. Avatar

      Adam Morris (verified buyer)

      Enjoying PromptsGenii, but I haven’t figured out how it works in Discord with midjourney, and the documentation is hard to find. I haven’t reached out to support yet, so I can’t comment on that. (Also, the website is hard to find, as google gets confused with Prompt Genie.).

      But in terms of functionality, it’s super helpful to have a visual library of different styles that I can easily click on when building up the type of image I’d like to create. It’s expanding my creativity by giving me a more diverse language from which to create images, and for that, I’m grateful for a tool that lays it out efficiently.

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