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Exact Links

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Elevate your sales and monitor conversions effortlessly with this cutting-edge link shortening tool for WordPress
Exact Links lifetime dealExact Links lifetime deal
Starting at $1
1 customer review
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

Navigating through a sea of links feels like trying to find your car in a mall parking lot on Black Friday. (Hint: it’s the one without the flashy, oversized bow).

But what if you could not only find your car but turn it into a limo, complete with a chauffeur of success at the wheel?

Imagine a tool that doesn’t just streamline your links but turns them into a full-fledged sales machine, armed with data and primed for profits.

Announcing Exact Links


Track your e-com sales directly from your custom shortened links
Create custom URLs with advanced URL-shortening tools and dive deep into analytics that unlock the secrets behind every click
Split traffic to different landing pages and know which page is helping you to optimize your conversions
Insert beautiful call to actions for your products that make your content pop and your click-through rates soar
Best for

Digital marketers, Affiliate marketers, SEO specialists, content creators, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to boost sales and make data-driven decisions


WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads

Alternative to

Pretty Links, Better Links, URL shortify, and ThirstyAffiliates


GDPR-compliant, Analytics, A/B testing

How others are using it
  • Content Creators: Enhance articles with attractive box content that increases reader engagement and tracks click metrics for better content strategy decisions.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Utilize cloaked links to promote products discreetly, while monitoring the performance of each link for maximum affiliate revenue.
  • E-commerce Managers: Implement WooCommerce conversion tracking to understand customer journeys and optimize the sales funnel for higher conversion rates.
  • Digital Marketers: Split-test landing pages using A/B traffic split to identify the most effective page elements that lead to increased sales.
  • SEO Specialists: Leverage detailed analytics to refine link strategies and improve search ranking through better understanding of traffic sources and user behavior.
  • Bloggers: Use customizable box templates to create visually appealing calls to action that fit the blog’s aesthetic while encouraging more clicks.
  • Social Media Managers: Track the effectiveness of different promotional links across platforms to tailor social media strategies for higher engagement.
  • Webmasters: Keep site navigation clean with shortened URLs, maintaining a professional look while facilitating user-friendly website experiences.
  • Email Marketers: Integrate short links in email campaigns to track recipient actions and measure the success of various email marketing strategies.
  • Product Managers: Present multiple product options through Choice Pages to gauge consumer preference and direct traffic to the most popular items.
  • Analytics Consultants: Provide clients with clear, actionable insights from link performance data to drive business decisions and digital strategy optimizations.
  • Conversion Rate Optimizers: Apply detailed link analytics to identify and strengthen underperforming aspects of a sales page or marketing funnel.
  • Online Educators: Share course materials with trackable links, analyzing which resources garner the most attention and tailoring educational content accordingly.
  • Ad Campaign Managers: Use traffic source tracking to fine-tune ad targeting and optimize campaign budgets based on the channels that deliver the best ROI.
  • Branding Specialists: Ensure consistent branding across all marketing materials by using custom slugs and template designs that align with the brand identity.


Exact Links is a smart plugin that converts your URLs into advanced tools for conversion tracking and sales boosting.

Link management has evolved beyond simply shortening long web addresses customized to match your branding, which Exact Links surely do…

BUT it’s also about discovering which efforts are converting into sales. Exact Links enables you to track conversions directly from your links (Woo & EDD integrations), plus it provides a wealth of additional data about your clicks and visitors such as where your audience is coming from, their devices, browsers, and operating systems. It’s like having your own personal link spyglass.

So why does this matter? Because understanding all this information helps you market more effectively. With Exact Links, your links aren’t just shorter; they’re smarter.

Exact Links v3 comparison tableExact Links v3 comparison table
Exact Links is a top-tier solution in the industry, offering a wide range of advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

Give your audience the power to choose their adventure from your content. With Exact Links’ Choice Page, say goodbye to one hyperlink leading to a product page. Now, create a junction of options.

Imagine this: Visitors arrive at your Choice Page, linked or embedded in your content, and find not just one link but a whole array of options.

A striking product image sits at the top, grabbing attention. Below, multiple links offer a treasure map of options—Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or other similar products.

The Choice Page is a clear, engaging point of decision, making your audience feel empowered. They select, click, and proceed to their chosen destination, all within the space you’ve designed. This feature opens a new way to engage with your visitors.

Exactlinks Choice pageExactlinks Choice page
Engage your audience like never before while tracking your success in real-time.

Ready to give your WordPress page that splash of pizzazz it’s been craving?

Let’s talk about Exact Links’ shiny Box Content feature!

You know that feeling when you wear a new outfit and you know you’re rocking it? That’s what Box Content does for your page.

It helps you dress up your content in a sleek box that not only looks fab but makes visitors click, “Ooo, tell me more!”

It’s a splash of color and design that breaks up the text, highlighting the product you promote. This box is a bold visual in a quiet space, a clear call to action that readers can’t ignore.

The box Content doesn’t just add to your page; it turns it into an interactive spot that increases engagement and drives sales.

Exact Links Box ContentExact Links Box Content
Transform your page with eye-catching boxes that not only captivate but also compel your visitors to click and engage.

In digital marketing, only the strongest links survive—and Exact Links’ A/B Traffic Split feature is your secret weapon.

Think of it as your marketing Yoda, guiding you to the path of wisdom, where two URLs enter, but only one will lead you to the conversion promised land.

Your traffic doesn’t go to just one place. It’s shared between two URLs so you can see which one does betterSplit testing made easy!

Eliminate the guesswork and start optimizing your pages for the highest engagement possible. Make smart choices that make every click work harder for you.

ExactLinks AB text for links with Woo puchase trackingExactLinks AB text for links with Woo puchase tracking
Maximize your revenue by directing traffic to different pages and making data-driven decisions.

Struggling with link management can feel a lot like playing a never-ending game of digital hide-and-seek. (“Found one! Oh, wait, that’s from 2015.”)

With Exact Links, you’re getting a WordPress plugin that not only simplifies URL shortening but also turns it into a strategic asset.

This tool offers the unique feature of tracking your conversions directly from your links, and also unlimited link creation, detailed analytics, and unique features like Choice Page and Box Content, making your marketing efforts more efficient and data-driven.

So why not upgrade your link game? Create an impactful and insightful link strategy.

Get Lifetime access to Exact Links today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to Exact Links
  • All future Exact Links Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade between 3 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 3 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • one-click migration
  • Inbuilt Conversion Tracking (Woo and Easy Digital Downloads)
  • Broken Link Alerts
  • URL Shortener (QR Code and Custom Slug available)
  • Cloack links
  • A/B Traffic Split
  • Box Content (includes ready-made templates)
  • Choice Page (includes ready-made templates)
  • Detailed Click Analytics
  • Custom 404 Redirection
  • UTM Template Builder
  • Custom Subdomain
  • Downloadable reports
  • Starting at $1
    Lifetime Deal
    View plans
    1 customer review

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    $1 LTD or 20% off with ‘EXACT20’ ends in…
    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • one-click migration
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Analytics
  • Advanced conversion tools
  • 1 website
  • *Please be aware that license tiers cannot be stacked. Each customer is limited to one unit of $1 tier 1.

    License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $99|   $980 
  • All features above included
  • one-click migration
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Analytics
  • Advanced conversion tools
  • 10 websites
  • License Tier 3
    One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • one-click migration
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Analytics
  • Advanced conversion tools
  • Unlimited websites
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    Md Yeasin Ul Haider

    All Posts
    Subscribe/Unsuscribe MECHANISM
    All Posts
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    First post from founder
    First post from founder

    Hello Zillas , I am MD Yeasin Ul Haider, founder of Exact Links.

    We are thrilled to announce this partnership with SaasZilla for this lifetime deal.

    Why do you need Exact Links ?

    I have started my career as affiliate marketer and also as an e-commerce expert using WordPress platform but unfortunately , I have seen that none of the tools in WordPress platform is perfect for data analysis and also for marketing efforts . And I have decided to create a plugin that can help you with data analysis , conversion tracking , product popularity testing , beautiful product display with tracking , A/B testing and Exact Links solves all of the issues . 

    Why affiliate marketer need this tool 

    • Detailed click analytics for your affiliate offer  [ Click Analytics ]
    • Easily create call to action box  [ Box Content ]
    • For doing test most popular affiliate offer test [ Choice Page ]
    • Split traffic to different affiliate offer [ A/B Traffic Split ]

    Why WooCommerce entrepreneur need this tool 

    • Detailed click analytics with sales and conversion tracking  for your product [ Click Analytics ]
    • Easily create call to action box with sales and conversion tracking for your product  [ Box Content ]
    • For doing test and which product is most converting  [ Choice Page ]
    • Split traffic to different WooCommerce product and track sales and conversion  [ A/B Testing ]

    ATTENTION: [ None of the URL shortener in WordPress platform except Exact Links tracks sales and conversions for WooCommerce ]

    What makes Exact Links unique in WordPress .

    Exact Links smart URL shortener  comes with all required marketing features that you need for your marketing efforts and data analysis . [ that’s only URL shortener integrated with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads] 

    Why we decided to present to your audience .

    We launched Exact Links LTD to raise funds to continue our development process smoothly

    Questions & Reviews​

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      Ievgen Kovalevskyi (verified buyer)

      Very useful plugin

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        Md Yeasin Ul Haider

        Thank You

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