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One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

Turn any idea into a course in minutes, instead of months, using AI
EverLearns Lifetime DealEverLearns Lifetime Deal
Starting at $69
4 customer reviews
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

Developing courses or lead magnets is essential for your business, but converting your knowledge into structured content feels more difficult than it needs to be.

And hey—let’s not even start on the time it takes to figure out the tech instead of teaching. The hassle eats up so much of your day.

What if there was a tool that just made all these problems go away?

A tool where you could turn your ideas into engaging courses in 5 minutes, without getting stuck on the small stuff?

Announcing EverLearns


Make top-notch, personalized courses in just 5 minutes in any topic, any audience, any language. This simplifies the old, time-consuming course development process.
Use what you've already got - like YouTube clips, podcasts, or lectures. Turn them into dynamic, interactive learning with EverLearns' human-focused, AI-assisted approach.
One click, and your course is live — web-ready or packaged as a PDF. Reach learners far and wide with zero fuss, all from a single, simple click.
Save significant time with our auto-generated lessons and AI-powered smart editor, making content creation and editing simpler and more efficient.
Best for

Educators, content creators, and busy parents who are looking to transform their expertise and resources into captivating courses or valuable lead magnets, thereby ensuring that learning management is within reach for everyone


Existing materials via URL (website, YouTube, blog, public files, etc)

Alternative to

Teachable, Unschooler, Eureka, Mini Course Generator


AI, CNAME, Sub-accounts/team members, Templates, Multi-language support

How others are using it
  • Marketers, grab your audience’s attention with more than just a regular blog post. Utilize EverLearns to create and distribute lead magnets that captivate and generate leads, nurturing them through the provided content.
  • You’re an expert in your field, ready to turn that knowledge into cash. With EverLearns, quickly create and monetize courses on your niche topics, and see your course translate into $$$.
  • You’re a teacher drowning in prep work: Lighten your load by developing courses and lessons on EverLearns, slashing hours off your administrative tasks.
  • As a dedicated parent, you aim to provide your child with the finest learning opportunities. Utilize EverLearns’ AI to craft engaging courses and quizzes based on your child’s interests.
  • As a startup founder, it is crucial to effectively communicate your product’s value without losing the interest of your audience. Utilize EverLearns’ AI to craft engaging and informative structured content about your product.


EverLearns instantly turns your knowledge into captivating, interactive online courses, thanks to an AI-powered editor that crafts content tailored to your audience's needs.

Who wants to spend weeks or months creating courses when you can do it in just five minutes?

The reality for many educators and creators has been a long, drawn-out process of course creation, bogged down by technical hurdles and content organization challenges.

EverLearns guarantees a smooth transition from idea to implementation, eliminating the typical obstacles and delays.

Just simply tell us what knowledge you want to serve and how you like things done, and EverLearns will set it all up to match your needs.

The EverLearns platform utilizes advanced AI technology to create your course, while still allowing you to actively participate in every stage if you wish to make adjustments.

Whether it’s adjusting the pacing, adding additional resources, or tweaking the content to better align with your teaching goals, EverLearns is there to make those changes happen.

Quick, easy, and done.

It ensures that the final outcome aligns perfectly with your vision, prepared for sharing with your audience or learners.

EverLearns AI course builderEverLearns AI course builder
Set up your personalized course in less time than it takes to make your morning coffee.

Got slides, videos, or docs just sitting around? Time to give them a new job.

With EverLearns, you can take any material—think YouTube playlists, books, podcasts, or even newsletters—and easily turn them into a high-quality course.

It’s simple: just upload your materials, and EverLearns does the rest, making sure they fit perfectly in a digital classroom.

The platform is designed to handle various content types, ensuring that each is optimized for the best possible learning experience.

Whether it involves enhancing video clarity for better viewing, organizing text for readability, or embedding interactive elements within audio lectures, EverLearns tailors these resources to meet educational standards and engage learners.

No fuss, no muss—just your content, only better, ready to help your students learn.

EverLearns generate from existing materialsEverLearns generate from existing materials
Give live to your existing content by incorporating it into your interactive online course.

Forget about staring at a blank screen or spending hours tweaking and editing.

EverLearns brings you an AI-powered content generator and smart editor that lays down the foundation of your courses for you.

It suggests the structure, fills in content and even proposes learning paths, all of which you can fine-tune to hit just the right note.

This initial setup saves you significant time, allowing you to focus on refining and customizing the content to perfectly match your educational goals.

And when it comes to making your courses truly interactive, you can use the AI to easily add quizzes, flashcards, mind maps, and more.

Nope, these aren’t just flashy add-ons; they’re essential tools that deepen understanding and boost student engagement, turning every lesson into a dynamic two-way conversation.

EverLearns AI interactive contentEverLearns AI interactive content
EverLearns' AI editor assists you in creating engaging content that turns ordinary learning into a thrilling journey.

Once your course is prepared for launch, EverLearns guarantees its prompt delivery to the audience.

Whether you’re aiming for a sleek full LMS experience or convert it into a downloadable PDF format, both of them can be share through a direct link or via email, or you want to hit the ‘Publish’ button for instant web access, it’s all just a click away.

Whether you prefer a comprehensive LMS interface or wish to transform your structured content into a PDF for download, both options are just a click away. Click the ‘Publish’ button for immediate web access and get a direct link or share your course by email.

No complicated processes, no waiting times—just your course, ready to be discovered by eager learners everywhere.

It’s about making your educational content as accessible as possible, to as many students as possible, without any of the usual hassle.

EverLearns ShareEverLearns Share
Don't worry about the technical aspects, focus on delivering your content to your audience quickly by ensuring your course is easily accessible.

We all want to share our knowledge but creating a course shouldn’t be that hard.

Nobody wants to get caught in the endless cycle of doing things over and doubting ourselves, right?

Whith EverLearns, your biggest worry is what to teach next, not how to piece it all together. It’s as if we took all the tricky parts of making a course and made them simple.

Now, you can turn your ideas and content into engaging lessons that your students will love, all with a few clicks.

The best part? You get to pour more of your energy into teaching, connecting, and making a difference right now.

Get Lifetime access to EverLearns today!

Plans and Features​

Deal Terms & Conditions
  • Lifetime access to EverLearns
  • All future Hobby (Tier 1) or Creator (Tier 2+) Plan updates
  • If Plan names change, deal will be mapped to the new Plan with all accompanying updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you
  • Ability to upgrade between 4 license tiers while the deal is available
  • Ability to downgrade between 4 license tiers within the 60-day refund period
  • You must redeem your deal within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    Features Included in All Plans
  • Step to step "5-minutes" AI course generator
  • Course hosting (AWS in US)
  • Learn and generate courses from any type of URL, website or files (audio, video, PDF, CSV, JSON, Text, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc).
  • One-click AI-generated interactive content (flashcards, quizzes, mindmaps, etc)
  • Export course as PDF
  • Direct share link
  • Content editor (manual or AI-powered)
  • Multiple instructional models (Gagne's Nine, Merrill's Principles, ADDIE model, Kolb's Experiential, Problem-based learning, etc)
  • AI credits with Optional BYOK (up to specified AI character limit)
  • Multi-language generation
  • EverLearns

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Turn any idea into a course in minutes, instead of months, using AI
    4 customer reviews
    Starting at $69
    View plan details

    60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out to be sure it’s the right fit for you!

    15% off with ‘SZ15’, expires in…
    License Tier 1
    One Time Purchase of
    $69   |$1130 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited learners
  • Unlimited views/bandwidth
  • 10 courses
  • 1 team seats
  • 2Gb storage
  • 100 AI credits/month
  • License Tier 2
    One Time Purchase of
    $149   |$1720 
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited learners
  • Unlimited views/bandwidth
  • 40 courses
  • 2 team seats
  • 5Gb storage
  • 500 AI credits/month
  • Custom branding
  • Custom domains (1 CNAMEs)
  • One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Pinned Resources



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    First post from founder
    Company and product FAQs
    First post from founder

    Hello Zillas!

    We are thrilled to launch our lifetime deal campaign on SaasZilla with EverLearns! 🚀

    Tham and I lead our team at EverLearns. With a background in developing innovative SaaS products, we aim to provide a seamless solution for educators, content creators, and parents looking to generate quality courses effortlessly.

    EverLearns was created to address the time-consuming process of course development and to empower users to create engaging and interactive content in just minutes. Our vision is to simplify course creation for any topic, audience, and language, making it accessible to everyone.

    What sets EverLearns apart is our AI-powered smart editor, which streamlines the writing and editing process, along with the ability to add interactive elements like quizzes, flashcards, and mindmaps. This unique feature enhances the learning experience for students and boosts engagement.

    We believe that offering a lifetime deal to our audience is a way to show our commitment to supporting our users in the long run. By providing this opportunity, we aim to build a strong community of course creators who can benefit from EverLearns for years to come.

    We invite you to ask any questions in the comments section, try out EverLearns, and know that our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us as we continue to improve and enhance our platform.

    Let’s embark on this exciting journey together with EverLearns!

    Warm regards,

    Tuan – EverLearns

    Company and product FAQs

    Where is the data hosted?

    In Amazon AWS in USA

    Could you explain how the AI credit system operates?

    The credit system operates in a straightforward manner: Each lesson within a course is equivalent to 1 credit.

    Similarly, utilizing the course editor’s rewriting option or creating one interactive content also consumes 1 credit each.

    Moreover, when constructing a course using the step-by-step procedure, it will cost 1 credit to generate the module list by AI and an additional credit for producing the lesson list by AI.

    Hence, if a course consists of 30 lessons, it will necessitate 32 credits for its creation.

    How many modules can EverLearns generate per course?

    The app has the capability to create numerous modules within the length limit of the LLM we employed. However, for optimal quality, it is advisable to limit the number of modules to a maximum of 10.

    Are the number of courses total or monthly?

    The number of courses are total but you can deleting a course leaves a free slot for a new one.

    You can also opt for the unlimited tier that right now offers unlimited courses so you are in a future proof plan.

    Can I embed video in the course editor?

    Yes, you can embed your videos via direct upload or embed URL (YouTube, Vimeo and others) in the course editor.

    Can EverLearns generate courses in multiple languages?

    Yes, since it is powered by AI and AI works for virtually every single language, it’s possible to generate courses in multiple languages.

    How Custom Domains (CNAMEs) work?

    Custom domains are the best way to customize your school and courses URLs. They work at school level, so one CNAME can be used for multiple courses within a school.

    What AI model is used, and will it be updated when models change?

    We currently use Mistral and LLaMA3 in our backend to generate courses. We will always update the model when a new version becomes available.

    Can I adjust the output of the AI?

    Yes, you can always use different prompts to adjust the AI’s output.

    Is it possible to use our own key (BYOK) in every tier so we can pick the language model we prefer on every generation?

    Yes, BYOK is available for all the tiers, limited for the current AI characters allowance except for the top tier that currently offers unlimited AI characters via BYOK.

    I need to be able to track user progress. Is it possible to add a certificate module so that I can send certificates to people who finish the course and pass the quizzes?

    Yes, it is possible to add this feature, so we will. Please upvote on our roadmap to prioritize accordingly.

    Can we customize the design layout to our own branding colors when we export to PDF?

    Currently, no, but we are working on having better PDF export options so this is possible in the future.

    If I buy a low Tier, can I add courses later? If so, how much will it cost?

    Yes, if you want to add more courses, it will cost $5/month per course. We recommend you to go for a higher tier and future proof, specially with the top tier, which currently offers unlimited courses for your peace of mind.

    If I purchase Tier 1, can I later upgrade to another tier?

    Only as long as the deal is active. Once it is over, it won’t be possible. To understand more about how tier upgrade and downgrade works on SaasZilla please check the related documentation.

    Can we share quizzes externally with people who don’t enroll in our course?

    Yes, when you publish your course, it will include the quizzes and courses can be shared publicly without need to enroll on them.

    Is this a complete LMS platform or just for crafting courses and curriculum?

    We are aiming to be a complete LMS platform. Please, try and see if you like what you see. We are open to suggestions via our official support channels and we’ll prioritize based on suggestions from the roadmap.

    Does EverLearns offer a Landing Page Builder to help market to our courses?

    We will implement the school page, which can serve as the landing page for your courses in EverLearns.

    Does the student need to log in to the platform, or can it be through our own website using WordPress for the LMS?

    Currently, every shared course can be accessed publicly. We are planning to implement the login option and the school page soon, which could be the landing page for all your courses.

    Is it possible to embed EverLearns’ courses elsewhere, like with Mini Course Generator?

    Yes, you can embed a course using the iframe code provided.

    Questions & Reviews​

    Please log in to ask a question.

    51 comments on "EverLearns"

    Have any questions? Ask the founders here.

      • As specified on the deal terms “Features Included in All Plans” section: “Optional BYOK (up to specified AI character limit)” for all tiers. Top tier has a bonus that right now makes it unlimited in AI credits when BYOK.

    1. What options are available if more storage is required beyond the 50GB on the max tier?
      Can we integrate other storage that we already have? eg. S3, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, PCloud, etc???

      • If the storage exceed the limit, you will have 2 options:
        – Buy our storage topup, which is $1/month/Gb
        – Bring your own storage, via integration with Drive, S3,… We are still in progress to make this feature available

    2. Do you support or plan to support H5P?


      H5P (HTML5 Package) is an open-source content collaboration framework based on JavaScript. It enables users to create, share, and reuse interactive HTML5 content such as videos, presentations, games, and quizzes. H5P content is responsive and mobile-friendly, making it a versatile tool for creating interactive and engaging online learning materials. Components like voice recordings, flashcards, and image maps can be easily integrated into H5P content.

      • Could you ellaborate on how you want EverLearns integrate with H5P? Our course editor is actually a html editor so it should be easy to make the integrations. However, I would like to hear more about the use cases

      • Hello James, glad you are liking the tool. Thanks for sharing your experience!
        I’m sure the whole team would also really appreciate it 🙏🏻.
        BTW, was this intended to be on the reviews tab but ended on the comments section?
        If you need help on posting your review, please let me know and we’ll do our best to help you.

    3. I would like to know whether I can export to SCORM format to be uploaded on an LMS platform. As well, does your output can have images or any other animation uploaded rather than just put text.

      • We are still in progress to implement the SCROM export, but you already have the images and videos in our course editor

    4. I see your Twitter posts where you suggest “importing resources into EverLearns, where you can… have an AI tutor to ask any questions anytime”. Could you please compare this capability to those of the DocXter app, now on AppSumo?

      • Hi, the EverLearns team is mentioning that pairing it with an AI knowledge base would be a great combination for having an AI tutor, but this is not achievable by EverLearns itself, but just having other tool. For example, with the NewOaks AI tool that we have listed on SaasZilla (ending in the next 48h) you can add the EverLearns course URL to the training module and then from there ask it questions about the course so it replies.
        I hope that helps to clarify it. Cheers!

    5. I looked at some of the courses listed on your site. They are all very basic with no interaction. Do you have an example of a course that you are proud of?

      • Yes, if you have selected a plan that includes “custom branding”. Please reach out to the official support channels of the tool directly so they will assist you in obtaining the required information for this customization. Kindly ensure that your current tier includes this feature; otherwise, you may need to upgrade your tier. Best regards.

    6. BYOK saves you money. For this offers sustainability, why not open it up for all tiers?
      Tis would also take away they buyers fear of beeing locked into less attractive old models.
      Is your plan to let LTD users to be stuck on old models, or will you upgrade us to the latest models as AI evolves?

      • Hi Markus, thanks for your suggestions, I have just activate the BYOK for all tiers, so you can enjoy the latest model in the future.

        • You mentioned that BYOK is on all tiers. But, I still see that the BYOK is only in tier 4. Could you please revise the plan offer once more?

          • Hi, revised and included as “AI credits with Optional BYOK (up to specified AI character limit)” in the “All Plans Features” section on top of the pricing tables.
            It’s already active on the backend of EverLearns so you can pick your own language model. Top tier currently includes BYOK with unlimited credits BTW!

    7. Is there a way to generate longer content per lesson? I understand we all try to avoid the fluff, but the current generation is too short and I think for the topic I tested, it didn’t go in-depth enough. I love the product but I just need the content to be longer to be good enough as a complete course on the niche topic.

      • Currently you can adjust the content to make it longer by adding some rules in the requirement of the course, or in the course editor, you can re-prompt it to regenerate the lesson. The course editor is an AI editor so you can click “++” also

    8. On average, how many AI credits does it take to generate 1 course?
      Same for BYOK, what is the average cost for 1 course?
      Which AI model are you using?

      • We count 1 lesson = 1 credit, we also count 1 credit for module generation and lesson list generation. 1 course normally has 30 lessons, so it would cost 32 credits

        If not BYOK, we use llama3 and mistral

        • Thanks for the info.

          I went to your website to check it out, clicked explore coruses, and just got a spinning wheel and loading. Is it always so painfully slow to load?

    9. Hi,
      Can you mention the character/words limits for uploading a doc to transform into a course? Can you explain AI credits? Currently i am using gamma unlimited words. Limiting the AI credits means also not unlimited courses. How can i write unlimited courses limited to AI credits? this seems funny

      • Your question is rich of entitlement. How do you expect them to survive if they provide us unlimited AI credits? Does that make sense to you? That’s why get the BYOK otion if you prefer unlimited credits. This is common sense.

      • Courses are total and gladly right now there’s even an unlimited tier!
        PS: If you don’t need any course you can delete it and leave a slot free but I’d recommend to go for a higher tier if you think you are going to be short in the future. Unlimited of course, perfect future proof tier while available.
        You can find how credits work on the usual FAQs we add in the “pinned” section (below pricing tables).
        If you want to extend the lenght of the paragraphs, I’d keep in mind that less is more AKA, nobody wants to read 10 lines what you can read in 2 lines. Still if you want to do it, an action for the AI writer on the editor will consume 1 credit.
        The top tier right now also includes unlimited credits with BYOK to have full freedom on creativity 😀

    10. 1. Can you embed HTML contents like from sites like Miro?
      2. Is your editor able to input Latex (for mathematical equations)?
      3. Do you have quizzing features with custom logic?
      4. Will EverLearns allow me generate a course from PDF files and if so, how large (how many pages and file size) can the PDF file be?
      5. What other sources can EverLearns pull data from (PDF, MSWord docx, website, YouTube, audio, videos, etc.)

      • 1. Can you embed HTML contents like from sites like Miro?
        We haven’t allowed you to embed html, but it is possible and a great idea so we will add this feature
        2. Is your editor able to input Latex (for mathematical equations)?
        Not yet, but we can add this feature too
        3. Do you have quizzing features with custom logic?
        Could you ellaborate more detailed the custom logic you want to add?
        4. Will EverLearns allow me generate a course from PDF files and if so, how large (how many pages and file size) can the PDF file be?
        Yes, and there is no exact number, but I can estimate that if the PDF is less than 500 pages it will can do well
        5. What other sources can EverLearns pull data from (PDF, MSWord docx, website, YouTube, audio, videos, etc.)
        We can pull data from PDF, doc, docx, ppt, epub, mobi, fb2, md, txt, website, youtube video, audio,video

    11. Do you have any plans to add videos to the courses? I mean, learners could watch videos on the platform, either hosted here or somewhere else.

    12. Hi, this looks neat. Just puzzled why the number of custom domains (CNAME) is capped at 3 across all the tiers?

      Except for the number of courses, there is not much incentive to jump from Tier 2 to 3. Is this by design?

      Would it be out of place to request for a tiered increase in number of custom domains? 3 CNAMES for Tier 3, 4 CNAMES for Tier 4 and 5 CNAMES for the top Tier 5?

      Thank you!

      • Hi Jagan, thanks for your question.

        I will discuss with my co-founder and Saaszilla team to see if we can increase the custom domain for tier 3 and 4

      • Hello, there has been an update regarding the way CNAMEs work and their limits:
        They have changed from individual courses to school, so right now, with 1 CNAME you can have multiple courses.
        The limits have also increased for different tiers:
        – Tier two: 1 CNAME
        – Tier three: 2 CNAMEs
        – Tier four: 5 CNAMEs
        I hope this is helpful. Cheers!

      • 3 CNAMEs for ALL tiers? I see no CNAME on Tier 1. Are you blind or am i? LOL. And there’s no Tier 5. What universe are you in?

        • Hello,
          Tier 1 has never had CNAME included and will continue not to include it.

          Previously, for tier 2 and above, each had three CNAMEs but those were assigned separately for individual courses. Now, there has been an update to use “School’s global CNAMEs,” where a single CNAME can be utilized for any number of courses within each school/CNAME. The limits are the ones you see on the pricing tables at the time you access to it.
          I trust this explanation makes things clearer. Cheers!

    1. Avatar

      Zilla-tj0ds (verified buyer)

      I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with this platform and the ease of use of being able to create a well thought out course in a short amount of time. I sit back and I watch as it works and I just shake my head in amazement that the way the courses are laid out and the structure of each course is simply superior to anything else I found on the internet. I did a full purchase stack of this one. I bought Gajix from appsumo, and to be quite fair this blew that out of the water. Gajix is an amazing platform but I much prefer this one.

    2. Avatar

      Jérôme Armnius (verified buyer)

      Well done to the whole team. EverLearns deserves to be known! Easy to use, fast, simple and I have total confidence in this product. There are still a few things I’d like to see improved for non-English-speaking users.
      – Translate EverLearns into French
      – Integrate smtp to invite the learner
      – Possibility of downloading our logo and not giving a url.
      – There are bugs for a course in French. Some terms remain in English and when I generate a course I have to regenerate it because either the format is wrong or the module is incomplete.
      In any case, well done to you all!

    3. Avatar

      Highlander (verified buyer)

      Impressed by the 2 young founders from Vietnam.

      This is a good pickup from Saaszilla. I’m enjoying it more than I should generating different courses.

      The credit system is simple to figure out.

      Highly recommended!

    4. Avatar

      Andres Sanchez (verified buyer)

      I’ve had the same behaviour with spanish. Some lesson introductions are generated in english.
      I have one suggestion though. I saw you implemented AI image creator, and we also can upload content from oput computers. Could it be possible to integrate with free image repositories like unsplash or pexels to be able to insert graphic content to courses?

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